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NA’s top official accused of occupying community land

Hunza, June 2: The trustees of Silk Route Dry Port Trust (SRDPT) have blamed the Chief Executive of Northern Areas, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, for using his postition to convert the community owned land into family properties through fake signatures and documents.

The trustees, in a meeting at Sost on Tuesday, demanded probe against the chief executive and his family for faking the signatures of the trsutees in this regard.

Ali Afsar, chairman of the SRDPT blamed the CE for allegedly trying to legalise Rs 50 million loan taken from the National Bank through fake documents. He said the CE and his companions were using all sources to stop the implementation to of the decision of the fifth board meeting in which action was sought against him and his son Saleem Khan, the former vice – chairman of the company for corruption and mismanagement.

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  1. Mir sahib king tha aur ab tak King han……….. aur king raha ga….
    Khuda ka wasta apna DIL ko safe kara ….
    Itifar se rahooo

    Hamar aur aap ka Mir se kiya muqabila han
    wo Mir hain ……….

  2. Mir sahib king tha aur ab tak King han……….. aur king raha ga….
    Khuda ka wasta apna DIL ko safe kara ….
    Itifar se rahooo

    Hamar aur aap ka Mir se kiya muqabila han
    wo Mir hain ……….

  3. Dear Afsar. Thanks aftar one year you call a single meeting to sought out the Mirs corruption.May be I am worng but the whole year you were not alive, Now its a good news for the poor and effected people.
    God Bless You and Your Team

  4. I will suggest the port committee to send the case report to the Chief justice of Pakistan
    As chief justice allowed all public to visit his office and discuss their issue and problems ,He will give you better solution.

  5. im contradicting ur comment mr irfan watever u consider him but we youth of todays world are at a peak of denial.better u should lead ur life under his slave…..atleast he is nt etal any king

  6. Irfan@

    quite impressed & looks dipressed, “a king under the queen” Is this true? My dear when Z.A.Bhutto disolved the damn state of Hunza, later on every one in king there. I could feel the fragile condition of so called Mir and all my sympathies are with you. Things are changed so much, now the loyals are against him, see what Hoor Shah sentiments are? once he was the loyal of Ghazanee. lolz anyway go ahead & change urself my dear.

  7. Dear MBPK and sara
    C E of Gilgit-Baltistan powerful..
    ma aur aap os ka muqabila nhi karsikta han..
    SRDPT Mir ma banwaay han..
    Ali Afar ka awqat hi kiya han aur kon janta han..
    Koi Sader, MNA, PM etc….
    Aap sab se Apil han ki Itifaq, Area ki taraqi ki socho…

  8. oh mr irfan
    sooooooooo sad to hear from u ki mir king ha and rahe ga , oh which basis he is a king now he may be ur king and only ur for the other youth he is an elected man to serve the people , u need to think on it ke he is not the king he is the servent of youth
    in this 21 century every one is king and i hope ki nobody in this era want to be the slave of a poor and corrupted king just of name ‘
    u r right hamara us se kiya muqabila ,
    we are the king and he is the begger of votes
    u are king of ur life man who is that corrupeted guy which u think is the king
    whatever he has is not his father he has used the funds of youth
    the last mistake of youth was they voted him i pray ki is election ma log soch samaj ke vote de ge

  9. Any body can tellus which land CE is trying the land to convert for his faimly. By the way where was Mr, Ali Afsar in the whole year. If CE is doing any illeagle work Why Mr, Ali Afsar not puting a file in the court. This is PPP govt they will take action against him. Why you are making people fool. We all know this is election time. So you are blaming him. If there is any fact pease put a file in the court.

  10. Mr, Imran
    U r right he no more the king of Hunza. But he is the elected leader of Hunza, I can say a reprensentative of Gilgit Baltistan. All are are beggers for vote. All the MNAs PM CM all are public servent. another important point ppp has started its election compagin throug this plat faram. but i think pt should become neutral.


  11. Yes Mir sahib king k son tha but Mir nahi.laghta ha aap tarikh dan ha isliy aap ya koch lakh rah ha IFRAN Sahib think about histry after 1974???????????????????

    Afsar Sahib qqam / people n aap s bahot tauqaat wabista kiya tha where are u??????

    It is time for you and your team do some thing for the effected and poor people of SRDPT.

    IF YOU LOSE THIS TIME YOU CANT ……………………… What will hapen Yaran. Khaan giya wo baath wo khush gapha
    YA RAN maybe you r in big truble/problem BUT BUT you do some thing………………………….

  12. SAYA@
    There is some factual indications about Ghazanee’s grabbing the SRDT’s ownership under a ill-will treats. Whole Gojal and even the Hunzokoch knows about about this conspiracy(failed) tried by the “bravo” SalimKhan. You may not know his tactics how rubbish he treated with the trust body. AliAfsar and his group are all uneducated personels. They need to induct some professional and well qualified people within the org otherwise damages will be uncontrolable, yet they have the time. I think Mr Ghazanfar’s time is over and he could not run for another soure adventure otherwise people will play the shoe game as with G.W.Bush received in IRAQ.

  13. What a nice respond. I know CE Ali afsar Hoor Shah and other SRDP cabbinet very well. You are saying that the existing cabbinet is uneducated ? man i think this is a joke. Is there not any educated person among all the members of SRDP. It is surprising ???????. Ghazanfar is a single person while at other side is public and public is more powerful than a single person. So don,t make people fool. If he is doing illeagle we have to put a file inthe court.

  14. chachu!

    thanxz for ur thjz initiative, I appreciate ur elected cabinet & ur team who re doing all their efforts to SRDP. so plz continue ur all efforts for thiz organization. I request dunt fool to peoples of this area, becoz they re ur fans & supporters. May god bless you & ur entire team.

    gud luck chachu


  15. mir tou mir jab tha jab gojal k awam baki dunya sa bekhabar they. ab al-hamdullillah gojal k awam ba shaur hain, ilm waley aur sub sey barker aaj ka nawjawan achey aur burey ma tameez kar saktey.khuda k wastay ab mir say jan choranay hai. abb hamara mustaqbil hamary nawjawano k muzboot hathon may hain.inshllah .

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