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“Honour Killing”: Man and married woman murdered in Gilgit

PT Report

Gilgit, February 20: In a brazen case of “honour crime”, a man and woman were killed today in the Baseen locality of Gilgit city. Police have arrested two people in connection with the murders and started investigation.

According to details, Khayal Muhammad and Muhammad Nazeem killed their married cousin (named withheld for privacy) who was living at their home, on suspicion of having illicit relationship with Gul, a resident of Kargah Valley. The two man killed their cousin, reportedly, by hitting her repeatedly with an axe. They, then, went out and opened fire on the Gul, killing him on the spot.

Some police officials present in vicinity of the murder site acted swiftly and arrested the murderer. According to police sources, the axe and gun have been recovered from the murderers.

The double murder has shocked resident of Gilgit. The local people have praised the police officials for nabbing the murderers. Just a couple of days ago a report had said that more then 90% of the women in GB suffer from domestic violence.

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  1. cant say anything without knowing the real evidences…. we are living in a society which has its own merits and demerits. if this murder is based on allegations and suspicions then it is the biggest sin that the culprits have committed. we condemn it.

    1. Shakir Saab, even if there is little truth behind allegations and suspicion then who gave those brazen faced killers to kill man and women by getting the law of land into their own hands

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