Sat. May 28th, 2022

Chief Minister’s recent announcements in Hunza are a bluff: Abaidullah Baig

Gilgit: Col (r) Abaidullah Baig, on whose petition the Supreme Appellate Court recently disqualified Shah Salim Khan, has said that the Chief Minister is on another electioneering spree in Hunza. He has said that the Chief Minister’s announcements are a bluff.

In a Facebook post, Col (r) Abaidullah Baig, was won the second largest number of votes during the 2017 bi-election, has said that the Chief Minister had made the same announcements two years back during the election campaign.

Abaidullah Baig also said that Shah Salim Khan is a ‘certified/declared’ bank defaulter’, and the SAC’s decision of sacking him is a slap on the face of the PMLN government which helped him win the election.

He made the statement while commenting on Pamir Times’ Facebook Page:

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