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Scouts received warm welcome at Ahmedabad

Hunza, May 31: The Scouts from Gojal have received a very warm welcome in Ahmedabad, the first camping village of the 6-days adventure walk along the historical pony track. The scouts from the village and local community have extented a warm reception near the village bridge by showering flowers on guest Scouts.

The scouts were offered juices and Zharz Tibaq (Broom hunik) just ater their arrival in the village. The local scouts and community have installed camps for the guest Scouts and also offered lunch, dinner and breakfast.

According to last moment reports, campfire is in progress. A large number of local Scouts and elders are also participating the campfire. The media team of Scouts will interview the local elders about their expereices and oral traditions regarding the historical pony track. They will also show, the interviews of elders from Gulmit taken during the opening ceremony of the walk.

Tommorow the Scouts will continue the walk along Altit, Karimabad, Aliabad, Hassanabad villages and camp at Murtazaabad.

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