“Ex cabinet using tactics to hide corruption”, Alam Jan director Sost Port

by Noor

‘Members of the former cabinet are answerable to the public for all their misdeeds’, said a director of the Silk Route Dry Port, talking to Pamir News. Refering to the statements published in daily K2 and other newspapers of the region, also reported by Pamir News Blog, the director said that it was a fake letter and had been published at the behest and under pressure of prominent political figures, linked to the ex – cabinet.

Talking to Pamir News Alam Jan said that Yang Zimin had not made the statements and the letter attributed to him and supplied to the newspapers was fake. He said that the original letter conveying willingness to work in harmony would be presented to the press, soon. He said that such tactic would not derail the cordial relationships between the Chinese and Pakistani partners at the port.

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