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Talent show in Chipursan valley

by Sultan Ahmad

 As part of the celebration of Imamat day, a talent show was organized in Reshit Chipursan on July 12, 2008. This was the 8th year of the talent show under the patronage of Boys scouts and Girls Guides Reshit Chipursan. The programme was a mix of innovative items like plays, dramas, poems, talk shows and many other interesting performances by the youth. These items were real gags whilst full of lessons on various social issues and trends.  

Artists and youngsters from other villages of Chipursan also presented interesting items. The show attracted large number of spectators from all villages of Chipursan valley. Leaders and social activists from the valley appreciated the quality of the programme that has emerged over the last eight years. It was interesting to know that the first show was organized in 2001 when the source of light was kerosene gas. The major objective of the show was to explore talents amongst youth and preparing them for future leadership. The second objective was to promote an atmosphere of unity and brotherhood amongst the people of Chipursan valley.  

Addressing this huge gathering, the chief guest admired the efforts of the youth and said that the event has been able to achieve its objectives and is well suited to bring a paradigm shift in the thought pattern of the people of Chipursan valley in this age of information and communication. Other major speakers included: Mr. Sahib Hayat President Ismaili Local Council and Mr. Ali Akber, Mukhi Central Jamat Khana. All the people left the programme with smiling faces and lots of joys. The 10th anniversary of this show will be celebrated with greater zeal and zest in 2010.

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  1. A good pracitce by the Chipurson Scouts and guides.Such creative works should be encouraged at mega level and the young blood should be persuaded towards creativity and innovations.
    We must be the trend setters and not the trend followers.Our will is strong and our aims are high.
    Keep going my brothers of Chipurson valley and the initatives you have taken should be a channel for others to move through for better future prospects.
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. talent must be given chance to explore himself weather he is boy or a girl we have equal oppertunity for both in our community i am very happy to know that such type of talent show,s are being orgnized by chipurson youngstar,s i hope one day the must be become the master minds & activist,s of our jamat to lead the jamat for the batter goals..i was born in chipurson and feel plasure to say that i am also chipursanik… i do pray for the future of chipurson that one day we will become the role models of our community well done by orgnizers for arranging such informatic and subjective show,s oi intertain jamat and deliver messge through thier talent…well done

    Didar Karim Bari

  3. Slamath Bosh
    Youth of chapurson

    That is great the chapurson youths done very god job keep it up becouse the youths will the leader of the future. I also apretiat the organaisers and Mr Sultan Ahmad who given this positive ideas.
    With me, hear the teacher Mr Bakhsh from chapurson that he is also very happy and apritiated the youth’s progress.

    With good wishes

    Ali aman gojali

  4. chipursan pis duroz watan
    mha lasreth har giz liman
    farmon pir u buzagoon
    chipursan bhadur juwon

    the hidden telents of chipursan
    is the real sprit of chipursan….
    if you want to enjoy the life..
    dont think to go on the sky..
    roof of the world wel come you to you in chipursan

  5. That is great the chapurson youths done very god job keep it up becouse the youths will the leader of the future. I also apretiat the organaisers and Mr Sultan Ahmad who given this positive ideas.very nice .

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