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Discharged water reaches Gilgit without causing destruction, upstream water level dropped so far by 12 ft

PT Report

Aliabad/Gulmit/Gilgit, February 28: Water level in the areas upstream of Attabad has been dropping during the last 8 hours. According some locals the water level had decreased by up to 12 feet, at around 11:30 in the night.

The water discharge from the dammed river, meanwhile, reached Gilgit city, mixing with the Hanisara (Ghizar River), near Danyor, at around 09:10 pm in the night. According to people present at danyore the collision of the two rivers, largely, remained uneventful, at least at the time when the first waves collided.

There are unconfirmed reports about a small portion of a road near the Ganish Bridge, leading to Uyum Nagar (Big Nagar), has been washed away. The river, reportedly, was barely 4-5 feet above the general summer peak flow.

Officials of the district administration and volunteers of different NGOs, including Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Imamia Students, Ismaili Boy Scouts and volunteers were seen in alert state the whole day.

People in the upstream areas were seen anxiously measuring the water level with sticks and marks put on trees and walls.

In the downstream areas the people were gripped with uncertainty and fear, waiting for the unknown.

The photographs below present the events as they unfolded in phases. Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan was seen wearing a military coat and an FWO hat, while pushing the button that blew off the temporary blockade of the spillway.

Temporary Blockade Blow Off

It seems that some reckless media reporting has given the impression that the entire barrier of the dammed river has been blown away. The fact is that the blast removed a small temporary blockade built by FWO on top of the spillway, in order to help the soldier carry out the excavation work with relative ease. The overall barrier of the dammed Hunza River stays intact.

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  1. Just 2 to 3 ft decrease confirmed as usual upstream record why people exaggerate the situation.

  2. such a long waited event with nothing achieved. only they released their own stoped water. worked for several months to stop the water and again work for several months to release the same. amazing workdone

  3. at last a new dram came to end with a small blast but the sound was empowered by media like a atom bomb.

  4. sab kuch khuda k hath ma ha. kash……………. hame kisi se koie tawqu nahi karni chahiye siwaye khuda k.magar jo bi hoga acha hoga rab pe barosa ha. inshalah

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