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Cricekt Tournament brings youth together in Sost

by Noor

Hundreds of young cricket players and their supporters gather at the Cricket Ground of Sost, in Gojal valley, playing matches as part of the Ejaz Alam Memorial Cricket Tournament, organized by Al – Sabah Cricket Club, Shishkat. About eighteen teams from across the valley are participating in the event. The tournament has reached its quarter final stages, so far, and is likely to continue for another week or so.

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  1. Wow! that must be fun. It will be good to know about the teams crossing the quarter finals!

  2. Good to hear about cricket tournament in Gojal,,,,,,its all about chill and fun for players and for spectators, hope we will get the detail of that tournament with winners on………..

    Almaty Kazakhstan

  3. first v forget they druges thn v salibreat these tournaments. its v bad news for us that v spand Rs. 70 milion drugs in one year.

  4. We love to know the details of the tournament in gojjal. It would be better if the cricket organizers will organize vatran cricket tournament( for those who had played in 80s and 90s). Also it would be better if AKY&SB organize tournaments among institutions!
    Best of luck for the high fighters.

    Best regards.

  5. It is really a good time for the youth of Gojal to have entertaining gathering. Have All Nice time and be united always. Good Luck for the Qualifiers. Regards

  6. dear soleh
    i think such activities area arranged to indulge the youth and keep them busy so that they can have little time towards drugs

  7. hiii every one,
    first of all i want to say that ajaz alam(late) my big brother
    i m personally thanks to al sabah and pamair . this is event through we can increas unity amoung people.

  8. I agree with Amjad. Greater emphasis on sports is actually to combat social issues and direct the youth towards healthy activities. All players need to be aware of the philosophy behind sports. I think if all the players get togather and have a rally in the Sost bazar against drugs- with banners that will be a powerful message.

    I really wonder about the statistics quoted by Soleh. I am curious to know about the source of the figures.


  9. being a family member of late Ejaz Alam and Managing Committee Member of Al Sabah Youth and Sports Club i would like to thanks wid bottom of my heart to all the participants, spectators , and youth of the Gojal for their support especially the people of Sost valley and many thnx to the Pamir Times for updating this event…


  10. Best of luck for the other winner teams thats nice ki they are doing good, the bigest reason for the bad performance of young stars gulmit team is that this time very new players were tested lossing in the tournament is bad but very real benefit is for the new player, we must not play only to win our first objective must be to bring new talent provide chances for young players to come and show their talent AGAR KUCH BANDE 10 SAL SE LAGATAR KEHTE RAHE TO WO TEAM TO GEAT JAYE GI , dear young stars of gulmit lossing in this tournament does not matter we will have another chance to win congurate to the new players for their brillent performance keep it up

  11. Thanks to Al Sabah for arganizing succesful cricket event for youth. congratulation to both the teams for playing the final. I suggest those talented yung players should make your career in sports, because now it is form of industry. parents also give them oppertunities.

  12. Very well-done my boys. I am very happy u guys made it again. I think all the talented boys should come forward and participate in the tournaments and show their talent.
    I would like to congratulate Himayat Shah on his superb fastest century in the northern areas if i am not wrong. its was 115 on 36 balls.
    Congratulations once again to my passu team for their brilliant performance.
    I think good attitude and nice behaviour with every1 in the team can lead you to success everytime.

    Amjad Karim
    ex-player, Passu team

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