Gilgit - Baltistan

Khunzhrav National Park

by Ali Rehmat Musofer

More Photographs of Khunzhrav Valley [ by Asghar Khan]

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  1. Khunjerab National Park (KNP), one of the highest altitude parks in the world, provides the habitat for a number of endangered and threatened species like the Snow leopard(Pess), Marco Polo sheep(RUSH),Blue Sheep (Rama poi) and Himalayan ibex(Fixik)
    Khunjerab National Park is in upper Gojal and Pakistan’s third largest National Park. The park is adjacent to Taxkorgan of China This park was created on 29 April 1975.
    Khunjerab Villager Organization (KVO) community organization and Forest Department Govt of Pakistan are the two stakeholders of this park. Over half of the park is above 4,000m.
    Although KNP is conservation area but due to the Karakurum High way consistently lives of these species in danger, because the border security forces, Pakistan customs and Immigration department personals are using weapon inside the park, and it raise the panic for these species. I hope our high authorities will enhance the conservation process and stop illegal weapons inside the Park.

    Javed Aly
    DUS, TJK

  2. some more information

    Khunjerab National Park occupies 2,269 kilometres upper Hunza Gojal and is Pakistan’s second largest National Park. The Khunjerab National Park beings 30 kilometres from Sost. The hills stand back from the road, the valley opens out and the Khunjerab dwindles back its banks.

    Asghar Khan
    Sales Manager
    Serena Hotels Pakistan
    Khunjerab is a high alpine park and the weather is strongly influenced by altitude. Winters are cold and windy. Snow accumulates at higher elevations and blows around elsewhere. Spring is cool but pleasant. Snowmelt dates in the higher meadows and passes varies between years. The summer is a great time to visit Khunjerab. July is probably the best time to see the alpine flowers blooming. Even during the summer there is snow and or freezing rain.

  3. When ever I am up in the mountains I do visit the naional park in summers. But It was winters of 1997, an experience and skillful driver from Jamalabad ( I am sorry I just forgot his name—-) took Ali Qurban and myself to the National Park. what a great visit- we did enjoy the difficult trip, watched wild animanls traversing the counters right at Deh. That demonstrated an effort of partnership of community, government and other stakeholders in conservation program.

    I have limited knowledge of the latest about the progress on conservation in the KJ national park. If there are any issues ( keeping guns) in the national, I would say the community must take a lead role to improve conservation efforts.

    It was good to see at least one comment by Javed Aly on KJ national park which is a vital subject and project.

    Darjat Islamabad

  4. Širin Lolve

    Nungeṣ̌ ki kumd sašt nivšit yowi Jrab nast pemecn destan, balki Yemi ẓ̌ravi (Zhrav-Stream), yani “Xыn e ẓ̌rav”, na ki “Xыn e Jrab”. Bidabi mar maof carit.

    Sav e Amkor
    Ali Musofer

  5. i m the the employ of KNP n i m in P F I Peshawar to get the training of Divisional Forest Officer.Its infact one of the version parks in the we r lucky that any one can sight the wildlife from the KKH sitting in his vehicle.
    have a wounderful park.

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