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Gilgit Blast: 1 dead, five injured as a result of Van blast

Front view of the van destroyed today in Minawar, Gilgit

Our Correspondent (Updated)

Gilgit, August 6: Six people were injured today after a van, bearing number plate NCP 04-0285 carrying around 20 passengers came under a bomb attack near Minawar locality of Gilgit city.

One of the injured, identified as Shujat son of  Wilayat, had passed away earlier at the District Headquarters Hospital where all the injured had been shifted. Three (3) women and a four year old child were injured. Front portion of the van was destroyed.

According to reports the blast took place on the KKH near Minawar Village, while the vehicle was going from Gilgit city to Haramosh Valley. The blast occurred when the van was crossing a culvert. Apparently the bomb had been planted inside the culvert.

Officials have said that the bombs planted at the road side were, most probably, detonated through remote control or time device. It is for the very first time in the history of GB that terrorists have used remote controlled or time device to fulfill their nefarious designs.

The government has ordered investigation of the incident.

The incidents has been condemned by representatives of all political parties and religious groups, who have also demanded of the government to take indiscriminate action against the terrorists and their supporters.

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  1. We all, irrespective of which sect we follow, must condemn such barbarious acts. These are bringing a very bad name for our peaceful region and presenting a very ugly picture.

  2. until govt or people dont take action against these killers,these kind of incidents will take place again and again..

  3. sad that an innocent life was claimed, and more heart churning will be NO JUSTICE!!!! long live GB

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