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Gojali students of AKHSS shine in Karakuram Board

by Majeed Ullah Baig, Zeeshan & Ikram Udin

Recently the results of FSC (II) were announced by the Karakuram Internatonal University. According to the results announced Bibi Meraj of AKHSS – Karimabad secured the top position in Karakuram Internaional University examination board, getting 868  out of a total of 1100 marks. She is daughter of Mr Taighoon Shah, belonging to Gulmit, Gojal.

Nadeem Gul, a student of AKHSS – Gilgit, got the third position in KIU board, obtaining 850 out 100 marks. Nadeem Gul is son of renowed social and political worker, late Mr Gul Muhammad, belonging to Gulmit, Gojal. Nadeem got admission offers from LUMS (for studying Law), from GIK (for Engineering) and from NUST and PIEAS, also for engineering. Nadeem, talking to Pamir Times, said that he is interested in studying engineering.

Pari Chehra, a student of AKHSS – Karimabad, got third position in pre-medical, scrong 806 out of 1100 marks. She is daughter of Mr Rehman Ali, belonging to Passu Gojal.

We, members of the Pamir Times family, congratulate these position holders on their excellent performance in the board exams and hope that they will continue working hard and smart in their universities as well.

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  1. My best and very best congrats to the position holders, their families, and teachers
    we proud of them


  2. This is marvellous. Fantastic job done by Meraj, Nadeem and Pari. Congratulations to you and your families on this great achievement. You are all assets for the whole area provided that you keep the same pace towards making a robust career.

    I wish you best of luck in your future endavours and would, in the long run, like to learn about more wonders in your careers.


    Am really glad to hear about the news about our students. I will say that this is the Best news of the year 2008 for me and for gojal as well.
    many many congratulations and shabosh to the young brothers and sisters . hope they will keep shining and bring more brightness in the lives of our people.

  4. Dear Bibi, Nadeem & Pari

    It is indeed great to hear such extraordinary achievements of you all. Mubarak to your parents, teacher and yourselves indeed.

    Aafiyat & Safida

  5. Wow! Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! our glittering stars. My heartiest felicitation to Bibi Meraj, Nadeem Gul and Pari Chehra, their parents, teachers and sincere friends.

    Great expectations are from you students and hope that you would positively contribute to your communities and the deprived region.

    I wish that if I were in place of Nadeem Gul s/o late Gul Muhammad, I must had accepted the adimssion offer in Law from the LUMS. We have dearth of true lawyers in the whole region.

    All the best,

    Fazal Amin Beg

  6. Well done Meraj, Nadeem and Pari, Congratulation for the outstanding achievements. I wish you best of luck for your studies.

    Fatima Aziz Jan

  7. A lot of cheers for our shining stars…kep it up…may sucess become the second habit for our each and every student!

    Aejaz Karim
    Washington, DC

  8. Congratulation to all our student stars who made us proud. best of luck for your future.

    keep it up

    Javed Ali

  9. cong to all the student who have got a position in the kiu board and that they will achive their goal.


  10. congratulations to all of you guys.fabulous job.keep it up .
    proud of u all .
    best wishes ..

  11. Wow…wonderful……very happy to hear about that…..really appreciable……

    but I didnt like the caption of this news…….why Gojal……why not Hunza……Now someone from Gulmit can say………..Gulmit shines….Ya you are right……

    BUT our IDentity is as HUNZAIan……..

    thanks for sharing such a wonderful News…

  12. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many many congratulations to the shining stars, keep it up coz it’s just the beginning you guys have long way to go, we pray for your success and again congratulations to the families.


  13. To Bibi, Nadeem & Pari, accept my heartiest congratulations on your great achievements. I wish you best of luck in your future.

  14. Dear Nadeem, Pari and Bibi,

    Excellent performance, very well done. We all are pround of you people. All the best with your future endeavours.


  15. Make your path a mirror of yourself. By no means let yourself be influenced by the way others care for their paths. You have your own soul to listen to, and the birds to whisper translations of what your soul is saying. (…)

    Dear All

    Gr8 Job we are proud of you

    Piyar Ali & Sameena Ali

  16. Bravoooo….congrates to all three students we are proud of you keep on doing batter…WELL DONE..GUYS…

  17. Cong……to our future stars, great students. wish you all and your familes, best of luck.

  18. Excellent Meraj, Nadeem and Pari. Congratulations to you and your families on this great achievement. hope the same results continues in future as well.

    Wish you best of luck and expectations would more news like this from you all.

    Good luck and congratulations once again to all of you and your families.

    Cheers, Haider Karim & Family

  19. Love and prayers for the marvellous achievement.
    Your shine adds strength to my pride.

    Keep going.


  20. Superb! exellent and outstanding….
    My hearfelt congratulation to u and your family.

    Keep it up

    With best wishes


  21. What a great acheivement!! Heartiest appriciation to three of them and their families. Just a small correction— Pari Chera is daughter of Reman Ali NOT Farman Ali.

    Darjat and Mullah Wali

  22. Why Sajjad wants all three of them to study Engineering? I think they should choose a sujbect of their own choise,
    Sajjad, I don not think there is the option of Engineering or Medical only as it was before?


  23. Respected Mr Darjat and Mullah Wali

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I have changed the name of Par’s father to keep the record straight. I apologize for the mistake.



  24. I give my congratulation to Nadeem Gul my good friend for achieveing second position in KIU board and getting admission in the top universites. I would also congratulate Paree chera and Bibi Miraj for getting the top position in KIU board.

  25. Dear Nadeem, Paree Cheara and Bibi Miraj,
    congratulations on your brilliant achievement . Indded; it is a matter of happiness and we should be thankful to our great parents for their contributions. keep it up

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  26. a wonderful job done by our youth in kiu board examination result. from my side and my office we say mubarak to every one. now it is up to our institutions to incouage the student to sarve the area in comming future.
    again mubarak ho

    rashid WWF Gilgit

  27. Dear Bi Bi Meraj, Congratulations to you too, sorry I forgot to wrote your name before.


  28. I give my congratulation to Nadeem Gul my friend for achieveing second position in KIU BOARD AND I would also congratulate paree and meraj. i m proud u guys.

    zaheer mathour..

  29. Congratulations Brother and Sisters

    We are proud of you Brilliant and Brave Students. My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Nadeem, Mss.Meraj and Miss.Chehra
    You shining students are the leaders in the future of your communities and for the country.
    Keep it up!! The sky is your limit.

    Ali aman gojali
    Ishkashim Badakhshan

  30. lots of cogratulation to u guys its really gr8 nes fir all the gojali studets .it is the begining if ur succsive there will be lot of such momments waiting 4 best wishes and prayers r with u guys keep on working hard and set an example of 4 us best of luck.

  31. Hay Meraj, Nadeem and Pari Chehra,
    I am really proud of you guys and I hope that you would retain your positions and would keep on flying.
    Once again many many congratulations to all of you.
    Aslam Ghalib

  32. Dear Editor,
    I suppose Pamir Times is representing whole of Northern Areas, but you are focusing only on people from Gojal. Though they done mevelously but its not good to focus on only one segment of ~NorthernAreas, There are many persons who ecxelled in thier fields outside Gojal, not mentioning them is typical non-objectivity.

    Yours Tayyaba

  33. congratulation all of you.
    great job.proud of you all.keep it up,and also tell us the secrat of this achievement…… of luck 4 ur comming future.Brilliant..
    Keep it up.u r the Leaders of 2morow.
    Hussain Nasir
    KIU Gilgit

  34. congratulation to Nadeem, pari n meraj
    best of luk for future.
    Nadeem gr8 brother.

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  36. CONGRATULATIONS .we are all proud of you guys.

    Keep it up.u r the Leaders of feature of Gojal
    best of luck.

    Ejaz Hussain Rashit Gojal
    Zubair Ahmad and Ajlal Ahmad Pingal /Gupic

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