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Value of education is to bring peace

This is an interview of Safida Begum from Gulmit, Gojal in Hunza, who received scholarship for an M.Ed program at the Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), Karachi, which changed her life forever.

I believe if we want to bring peace, education is a strong vehicle and a tremendous tool to initiate this. Why? Because it increases knowledge, develops skills and moral values. If we get this richness inside, this shouldn’t lead to violent behaviour because it brings an internal peace, and the internal peace leads to external peace in the society. So let us grow more seeds for education, wherever we can’.

Many people have a vision how to bring peace, but how many of us would follow this vision to Afghanistan? The interview that follows is with a lady who worked in Afghanistan for a year. It is almost exactly what she wrote:

To read the detailed interview visit the orignal source: VSO Adventure

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  1. Dear Safida appa,
    Congratulations for your achievements and contribution as a female professional Development Teacher (PDT). You really made us proud and become a role model for our women folks.

    I am aware of your commitment and hard work and proud to learn from you, while I was working as Master Trainer (MT) in the Whole School Improvement Programs (WSIP) project schools in 2003 in four diversified schools of upper-Hunza Gojal. The program was lunched by PDCN and you were leading WSIP Gojal region as a core faculty.

    That event was really a contributing factor of my personal and professional life and made me think and prepare to compete for AKU-IED M.ED selection process. That program really inspired many teachers and community activists as well as stimulated the young kids for learning. I cannot hesitate to acknowledge your contribution and say thank you

    I also remember your presentation at an international conference on quality education at Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational development (AKU-IED). Probably the title was a role of a female professional development teacher’s journey in the Northern areas of Pakistan and fortunately available on the web
    The said story itself is very interesting and full of thoughts and gives inspiration to the readers. I do hope the readers must enjoy it and learn lesson how to compete in a critical situation.

    I read all about your efforts in Afghanistan and the exposure you got to visit many developed and developing countries will be an asset for all of us. I do hope you will share your wisdom and knowledge with all stakeholders as usual and certainly contribute to to bring peace in the globe.
    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  2. Dear Aunti Safida,
    I am really happy to see you working hard and changing many mind sets to think in a way that could change the fate of many.
    I pay homage and tributes to the bravery you have shown in the field of education.
    I know a bit about your past that has really boosted you up in the areas where one could not normally expect positivity but you have proved it and your peculair behaviour regarding the dynamics of life would pave a way towards many mega changes and I am hoping that you will continue working hard with great enthusiam and zeal for a noble cause.
    Keep flying and my best wishes for your every step towards a great journey.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. Dear Safida aapa,

    many,many congratulations for the success that you have achieved so far and I wish you a much brighter and successful future ahead. No doubt in saying that you have been a guiding light for the new generation.



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