Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Innovative way to avert the landslide

Innovative tunnel built to let the frequent landslides fall into the Khunjerab river, without blocking the Karakuram Highway. Photo by Dr. Shahid

7 thoughts on “Innovative way to avert the landslide

  1. is this being consgtructed by the Chinese Engineers recently?? because few years back when I was going to Khunjerab, the FWO was working, constructing something similar to this one, but I am not sure whether it was the same place or some where else,


  2. I have even seen this tech in Afghaistan on the salang pass linking the Suoth and the Capital Kabul with North built by Russians

  3. I have seen such designs in skyland 2 km ahead from angle tower. quite perfect. is there any body to answer Mr. Aziz question?

    A .Jan Shishkat

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