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Nagar: Protesters block KKH near Sikandarabad, hundreds stranded

Abdul Waheed

Nagar, September 6: Hundreds of protesters have blocked the Karakoram Highway in Sikandarbad area of Hunza – Nagar district, demanding installation of pipelines for irrigation purpose.

The protesters have, reportedly, refused to listen to Muhammad Ali Akhtar, GB Finance Minister, who has been trying in vain to convince them to vacate the road. The protesters are demanding of the Executive Engineer to take immediate action after meeting them during the protest.

Hundreds of passengers from upper parts of Hunza – Nagar are stuck on the KKH for the last two hours, waiting for the Executive Engineer to appear and resolve the issue.

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One Comment

  1. Where is the writ of the Government where KKH is being blocked by some protesters even over a minor issue. They should protest at the office of concerned official on such issues. KKH is only way to commute between Gilgit and rest of areas. Govt should legislate law to ensure there no blockade of traffic if there is a procession on this road.
    Do we think how many people including women and children suffer due to such events? The only one to whom there may be no difference of such protests is Govt and the official concerned. Only passengers suffer a lot. Please let us think!

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