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Raza released second album

Young Poet and singer Raza Baig Raza has released his second Wakhi album “Pur Ghazal-e-maz  kathk” ,during Eidul-Fitr. Enjoy the complete album by clicking ng here: Pur Ghazal-e-maz Khathk

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Regional workshop on tourism begins in Gilgit

By: Asghar Khan & Zulfiqar Ali Khan Gilgit/Hunza, October 09: A regional Workshop on “Integrated Tourism Concepts to Contribute to Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions” has started at KIU, Gilgit with the objective of discussing options, strategies and institutional implications to develop integrated cross-border tourism in the region.  The workshop...

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Pictory VIII – Daak Khana

by Noor World Post Day is being celebrated the world over today, on October 9. Most of us might not have sent a ‘letter’ home through the “Daak”, for years now, but still there are post offices operating in our villages. Many argue that the arrival of internet, email, mobile...

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Divaako: leaders in local media production

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan Revolutions in Information & Communication Technologies have also revolutionized the means and mediums of knowledge creation and dissemination. This has not only positively influenced the way of thinking but has also made small communities vulnerable to increasing risks. It is thus important to fit in a...

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