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Raza released second album

Young Poet and singer Raza Baig Raza has released his second Wakhi album “Pur Ghazal-e-maz  kathk” ,during Eidul-Fitr.

Enjoy the complete album by clicking ng here: Pur Ghazal-e-maz Khathk

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  1. It must be a good album, i tried my best to listen it by following the given link, but all in vain… wish if someone could upload the entire songs to…! miss you ali rahmat musofer—you could have done it before Eid…..

  2. Pʉr γazali maẓ̌ x̌etk

    yemi baf qsa magam re ẓ̌ʉ pʉzʉv yem nepervte, lakin sak zaʉur spo šoyir ve setoweṣ̌iiγ̌ carn.

  3. Pыr γazali maẓ̌ x̌etk
    yemi baf qsa magam re ẓ̌ы pыzыv yem nepervte, lakin sak zarыr spo šoyir wor baydguy ve setoweṣ̌iiγ carn. Xezoy save niga cart.

  4. vow Mr Raza baig congergulation for reaeaze of your second Album .may GOD help you in your long journey , you are our small king of Gojal ,

  5. Dear Raza Baig,
    It gives me an imense pleasure to know about you second volume ” pur ghazali maz khetk”. I really appreciate your creativity which will soon be touching the sky if the same zeal and enthusiasm persists.
    We need to appreciate the ones who have exceptional traits and are putting more efforts to express them.
    Really an appreciable work that if continued with the same pace will win many hearts.
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

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