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[Artist Profile] Sohail Rumi: A hidden jewel


Sohail Rumi is a young artist, lead singer in this video. He belongs to Sost, Gojal.

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  1. Yeh meri Kismat ko kia hogya Jo mai ne chaha wo na mila .
    thats great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But kon ahn vocalist ?

  2. this is great! lyrics is good too except for the first meri qismat ko kya ho gaya line… 😀 the voice is great too, and yeah, video direction is amateurish though…..

  3. Graet Sohail keep this efforts going on……inshallah you will soon become a graet singer…


  4. This is not proper song directed, but they have done great effort, specially the singer Sohail. This boy has got good talent, needs to groom more.

    I wish best of luck to all members of this group.

  5. hii
    nice dear i realy love this effort i have not words to appriciate you
    i love u dear
    keep it up

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