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GB: Jiyalas protest against SC decision

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Gilgit/Skardu, June 19: Hundreds of the supporters of Pakistan Peoples Party took to the streets in Gilgit and Skardu, venting their anger the SC decision which resulted in disqualification of Yusuf Raza Gilani.

Carrying placards and banners the protesters raised slogans against the Supreme Court. Speaking at the occasion the protesters said that the Courts have always decreed against the Pakistan Peoples Party and there is hope for justice for the party’s leaders. The speakers also termed the SC to be “Sharif Court”, alleging that the apex judicial institution was working on behest of Sharif brothers, the PMLN leaders.

In Gilgit the protests were led by MLA Muhammad Ali Akhtar, Finance Minister, and MLA Ali Madad Sher, Education Minister. Also present were PPP leaders, including Iqbal Rasool, Rana Nazeem and Malik Ghulam Ali Shah, among hundreds of other workers.

The protesters demanded of the Supreme Court Chief Justice to take action against his son, Iftikhar Chaudhary, who has been accused by Malik Riza, a real state tycoon of taking up to 34 million USD in bribes and kickbacks, allegedly for influencing the judiciary.

The protesters were raising slogans like “Gilani Teray Jan Nisar, Bay Shumar”, “Agli Baari, Phir Zardari”, “Hum Nahi Mantay Zulm Kay Zaabtay”, among others.

In Skardu the protesters rallied through the city in vehicles and also burnt tyres on the road, bringing traffic to a halt.

Supporters of other parties, on the other hand, have hailed the decision, showering praises over the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court for ‘holding the supremacy of law’.

Many critics are terming the SC decision to be tantamount to a Judicial Coup.

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  1. ye jitnay b protesters thay un ma 99% jahil nd kirayay ka tato hai so aysi khabro ko ek kan se suna karo nd dusray se nikala karo

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