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Gojal: Road to Misgar Valley in dire need of repair

The Misgar road and hydro power project need attention of the authorities
Gojal: The Misgar road and hydro power project need attention of the authorities
Our Correspondent
Gilgit, March 5: The road to Misgar Valley, located in Gojal (upper Hunza), has been in a dilapidated condition for decades. Several accidents have taken place on the lethal road in the past , taking lives of dozens of people.A hydal power project has also been a work-in-progress for almost one decade, with little or no success. Successive governments have been delaying completion of the project, on one pretext or the other. On paper the project’s power generation capacity has been doubled over the last couple of years but the actual work being carried out is very slow.

The local people have requested the elected leaders of the region and the Chief Secretary to take notice of the situation and expedite the work on the power project. They have also requested to expand the road and improve its condition.


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  1. Build the relationship with India… and they will finance all the work. As this land belongs to them..

  2. if government takes action against corruption and focus on merit, it will have a visible impact on all public sector departments, but unfortunately its not happening due to vested interests, politicls, favortism and nepotism.

  3. Ridiculous BY MR. Patrick let India finance there own 350 million poor’s and those area like sekhuam and other perdesh.

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