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GBLA approves resolution demanding creation of three more districts, CM disagrees

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Gilgit, July 12: The Gilgit -Baltistan Legislative Assembly Thursday supported a joint resolution moved by MLA Mutabiat Shah, Muhammad Ali Akhtar and MLA  Mirza Hussain in which the three legislators from Hunza – Nagar demanded separation of the two historical states into separate districts.

Reading the resolution MLA Mutabiat Shah said that both Hunza and Nagar were historically different states and both had sufficient population and area to be turned into separate districts. He asked the Chief Minister to take necessary steps to notify the creation of District Hunza and District Nagar. He also supported the demand of the people of Darel and Tangir for creation of a new district within Diamer and bifurcation of Ghizar into two separate districts.

The Chief Minister opposed the resolution saying that creation of new districts is impossible because already some districts are not fully functional. He said that bifurcation of the region into districts on the basis of ancient statehood would open up a Pandora’s box and several other regions will have to be divided on similar grounds.

The Opposition Leader, Haji Janbaz Khan, supported the resolution. He said that the resolution also spoke for the people of Ghizar and Darel-Tangir and it was high time for making further administrative divisions in the region to facilitate the people. The resolution was also supported by MLA Rehmat Khaliq.

Almost all members of the house voted in favor of the resolution when the GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, asked for their consent. The Chief Minister was not present during the voting after exchange of hot words with Speaker GBLA.

The speaker instructed that the unanimously approved resolution shall be sent to the cabinet for approval. He criticized the government for failing to decide a unanimous headquarters for the Hunza – Nagar district. He said that the district had been notified by Pervez Musharaf and the present government had failed to resolve the issue of headquarters.

The Chief Minister’s concerns regarding the creation of new administrative divisions seems to be valid because advocating symbolic administrative divisions might be good political stunts but without proper funding and backing they can cause more troubles for the masses, instead of being a cause of relief and comfort.

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  1. Thanks for the News, but i was expecting your opinion. Please Let them Decide. 😛

  2. In my opinion it is important to develop consensus among the representatives of the public for such developments however bifurcation of Ghizer, Hunza-Nagar and Dare-Tangir into more districts would contribute in the development of public sector.

  3. The basic purpose to create a new administrative unit should be to address people’s issues and facilitate. In my opinion creation of these districts is in best favour of the people. Many issues had been evolved by creating Hunza-Nagar district. We could not been able to decide a place for headquarter for the same. Now separation of these will make it easier to resolve and handle the issues of each area separately.
    Well done Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiat Shah…

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