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72 years old land dispute resolved by communities

by Noor

After spending millions of rupees in courts, living numerous sleepless nights and incurring uncountable social costs the communities of Jaglote (Goro) and Rahimabad, two villages located near Gilgit city, have resovled a seventy two years old land dispute that had constantly been denting harmony between people of the two villages.

Agha Rahat Hussain, Al – Hussaini, Imam Juma wal Jamat Markazi Masjid Gilgit – city, and leader of the Aehl-e-Tashi, laid foundation of the new boundary wall on the disputed territory.

A six member committee comprising of three notables from each village, reached a solution endorsed, later, by people of both the villages.

This progress can be taken as an example for rest of the communities of Gilgit – Baltistan. There are numerous land disputes, large and small, among different villages of Hunza, Gojal and rest of the region running for decades. The courts have not been able to offer any solution, despite of thousands of hearings.  More than once have law and order situations been created because of such land feuds in the past.

Taking lessons from the case in point it is high time that similar steps towards resolution of long standing issues are taken by the communities of Gojal, speaking of the home first, relieveing financial, emotional and political energies of the communities for betterment of the abysmal state of other sectors of society.

Messages of congratulation have been shared by festive inhabitants of the two villages, who had been under perpetual fear because of this disturbing feud for more than seventy years.  

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  1. Dear Noor!!
    thanks for sharing this high scope news!!
    Congratulations to both parties! reaching to plausable solution is highly needed in this horrific situations, it has been the drawback that people realiz late,after sever economic and social sufferings. the most land disputes between different villages are still pending,which has sunk millions of rupess in courts and still zero solutions. And more!! our courts those are very much prompt in passing final verdicts.=).Slugish,deteriorating….fake, baised and sorry
    Better to leave such lairs and follow self raproachments and using mediation tools are benefiting means, this will obsultely work for better end for any party and villagers across the region Gilgit-Baltistan! i wish the people of gojal and other places come up with same comportment and resolve the decades pending cases in the court .. you share PT and give the other sense of realization
    MirzaW ISB

  2. We the Gojali’s are feeling proud and placing ourselves in the highest category of intellectuals and at a high rank of literacy and peace. We are just an antique which is glittering from the outside but has rust and dust from the inner,whether its me you or some one else,we are just to make abstract outlines, just to deliver provoking lectures. Today is a day of asking ourselves and looking in our collars that what we are doing and where we are heading for……..
    Why we are getting afraid of bringing things on surface and talk frankly about issues in gojal. Can’t we talk about the bloody pasture cases between Shishkat and Gulmit, other land cases between Gulmit,Gulkin,hussaini,Moorkhoon,Galapan and other villages.
    Why the notables of Gulmit are silent today, why the notables of shishkat have closed thier eyes,why?why?
    They run all the affairs in a very qualitative manner and according to the international levels so what the hell is this land issue for them. Come resolve the issues if you are not going to do so then the youth has to jump in the issue then don’t blame them of bieng severe and harsh….

  3. Dear Amjad
    Thanks a lot for getting worried about the issue and sharing a painful emotions and feelings regarding the pasture disputes in Hunza -Gojal valley. However, we are very thankful to our Imamati and social institutions that always pay attention to the concerns arising in various fields of life. Our institutions resolved many disputes among individuals and villages as the civil courts and other public apex institutions did not do well besides their huge human and material resources.

    The pasture dispute between Gulmit and Nazimabad Shishkat is yet unresolved because of the rigidity among both sides ego, while the Imamati institutions like local, regional, national and even international forums used all their capabilities to resolve the issue but all in vain. On the other hand, if we are all committed to resolve the issue; than, it is my humble request from the inhabitants of both the villages to get ready for sacrifices and accept the mediators for mediation and make the story end. I do hope the youths and intellectuals of (both villages including all responsible individuals and institutions) to play their role to resolve the issue and lets live peacefully and concentrate on our basic requirements such as education, health etc.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  4. Even century old chronic disputes between groups, villages, regions in the ultimate analysis, do get resolved on or around the table, through negotiations, either directly by the parties or through the reconciliatory efforts of neutral notables nominated by each party. Disputes, no matter how big or serious, do get resolved through reconciliatory efforts, provided sanity prevails on both sides. Inter village/ region disputes get dragged for decades, mainly because of the vested interests of the nominated representatives or the self- appointed leaders, who tend to keep the issue fluid and alive as long as possible with an ulterior motive to get financial benefits and or to nurture ego.

    Disputes of any sorts should be resolved through reconciliatory processes to the great financial and social benefits of wrangling parties, particularly in case of villages/ communities by reviving sanity in both sides. Prudence and wisdom would demand that chronic cases are settled amicably through mutual negotiations or reconciliatory efforts, avoiding millions of rupees on unnecessary legal expenses in litigations, which run for decades. Social costs as a result of strained relationships between the parties can hardly be estimated and quantified, it colossal in many ways.

    It is high time, particularly for youth of the area/ villages to take stock of such situations in their respective regions and initiate necessary reconciliatory efforts for amicable and timely resolution of the inter village disputes. Initially there will be resistance, which could be overcome through internal dialogue, debate and persuasion in the greater interests of the village households, both financially and socially. A serious and professional approach to the issues could meet with successes. One needs to take a sincere try. In the context of Hunza, disputes are mainly due to conflicting claims on ownership of pastures and being fought in courts of law for too long at huge costs.

    I think, by posting this news item, the PT editors definitely want us all to express our views and ideas on the chronic issues, such as this one, with a view also to learn a lesson or two from it.

    Good work PT volunteers, cheers


  5. Keeping in mind of the above reveiws, I must say it is lesson for all of us that how to live in peace and harmony.

    As far as Rahimabad & Juglot villages are concerned, these two remained isolated from Gilgit TEH in the south and Hunza TEH in the north. These villages been neglected badly in the past, giving an example of “the first glimps of electricity in 2004. Although these two villages blessed by many natural resources.

    People are friendly, warm welcoming and totally innocent.

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