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New Sost port cabinet takes oath


By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA-NAGAR, Nov 19: The newly-elected cabinet of Silk Route Dry Port Trust was administered the oath of office by assistant commissioner Hunza Socrat Aman Rana on Wednesday.

They included Chairman Afsar Jan, Senior Vice-President Hoor Shah and Vice-President Mohammad Raza.

The oath-taking ceremony was held at the Sost dry port in Gojal-Hunza and attended by officials of local administration, Sost customs, managing director Pakistan-China Sost Port Company, representatives of N.As Import Export Association, N.As Customs Clearing Agents Association, women organisations and notables from all over the valley.

Addressing the ceremony, Afsar Jan reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring merit in the port affairs and streamlining the shares of the local community in the joint venture company. He said the new cabinet would utilise its capabilities with the support of the local community to further promote the friendship between Pakistan and China.

Hoor Shah thanked the government of Pakistan for playing an impartial role to ensure the rights of the trustees. He also praised the role of AC Hunza in assisting the deserving trustees during their struggle despite political pressure and threats. He promised to provide all facilities to the clearing agents, importers and exporters.

Laila Rehman, president women organisation, thanked the local administration and other organisations for their support during their struggle to take over the port from the former cabinet of Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan. “The poor women had invested their savings in the port in order to ensure a prosperous future for their coming generations but Mir Ghazafar turned it into a family property.”

She expressed the commitment of the local women to work side by side with the new cabinet in order to make the port a model enterprise.

The superintendent of customs promised full support to the new cabinet in order to provide facilities to the traders. He congratulated the women of Sost for showing courage and defending their rights.

The representatives of Northern Areas Import Export Association and Northern Areas Clearing Agents Association expressed the hope that the new cabinet would resolve their problems.

The trustees of the dry port won a long-drawn battle against the former management of Mr Ghazanfar during a recently-held election of the board of directors. Mr Ghazanfar had been occupying the port without holding election according to the port by-laws. He also deprived the 124 shareholders and 147 land owners of their rights. Dawn 

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  1. Congraturation to the newly sworn in cabinet of Sost Dry Port.

    I really appreciate the role of AC Hunza and other NAs administration to help the local people to taking over the port administration from the so-called Mirs.

    I also expect a positive return from Ali Afsar and his team that they will not disappoint all the stakeholders and do their business honestly.

    I pray for their success.

    Best Regards,

    Sher Ahmad Posh

  2. Congratulations! The poor people of Northern Areas made another history and won the battle. Divide and rule is now part of the past stories and people now believe in democratic system which is “by the people, for the people and of the people”.
    I appreciate the efforts made by my mothers and sisters during the battle among the rulers and poor people of the area and the leaders who always worked volunteerily and lead the innocent people on the right way.
    I hope the new cabinet will work hard for the batterment of stakeholders.
    May Allah help and bless you all. Aamin

    Avgarchick, Interior Sindh

  3. My heartest congratulation to the new board of Directors and Managment for their assumtion of charge and for smooth transfer of power.I would also extend my gratitude to the people of sost VO in particular and whole Hunza-Gojal in general for their struggle throughout the process.I would like to appeal to the villagers of sost to remove their differences and unite for their mutual interest and create harmone, and brotherhood.The new managment have many challenges ahead to streamline all the outstanding issues,but they are capable to do this.I would like to request the chairman and his cabinet to mantain merit,transparency,public interest, and unbaised decisions.Hope success in delevering your service and portfolios.
    Sultan Rumi

  4. It is a highly fulfilling opportunity to see recent achievements of the people of Hunza against the forces of evil who have tried to contaminate our region with ferocity and cruelty. It gives immense pleasure to observe the living conscious and courage of the people of Hunza, who supported a true and sincere vision developed to shed the shekels of oppression. It is a hallmark of civilized nations to defeat tyranny, support the voice of people and govern through voice of people. In the history of Hunza this is another progressive event needed to be celebrated and highly appreciated where justice has defeated tyranny. In the history of nations such events impact the trajectories of life towards progress and prosperity. It is not just a win of one party against other in a commercial entity rather it is also a symbolic expression of the will of people towards a way of life and system they are inspiring for. It also gives one more very important message of the dawn of a new leadership in Hunza, whose power rests in the people and who seek power from the people not from a system of oppression and exploitation through creating fear of violence.

    It is a strong hope that this event will lead towards many other successes of progress and development in our region.

    Abbas Ali

  5. Congratulations to the newly appointed BOD members with a lot of expectations, Honesty, sincerity and dedication is very essential to achieve high goals and ambition, further we also expect from the new management that they would establish cordial and operational environment with reconciliatory mind-set with all the stake holders including the previous management.

    Our prayers and good wishes are with you


    Shah Zaman

  6. My warmest congratulation to all the newly appointed cabinet, board of directors and all the stakeholders of SDPT for this wonderful achievement and hope that the newly appointees will perform their duties honestly.

    Regards & Best of Luck

    Kabir Barcha


  7. Kindly accept our heartiest congratulation for taking the 2nd Cabinet’s elected Board of Directors of Sost Dry Port and the Nation of North looking towards you after illing of port activities and hope that the new board will fullfil the responsibilities and prove a sound management for the coming boards and wishes of people.
    God success you all in your true mission.” Ameen”
    personally congratulation to Mr.Hoor Shah and entire board of directors.

    Shari fullah Silver Jubilee Development Agency Karachi

  8. Congratulation to the new elected BOD. We hope that they will fullfill their responsibilities and duties with honesty and degnity.
    Best of Luck.

    Ahmad Saleem Anjum

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