Dish of the Day: Traditional Gojali Chicken





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  1. Buf distorkhun, kushrui tasht, shulbut ni yowe khu maza.
    Shulbut esh kla e goshtan wost, kerken nai.

  2. Dear readers of PT,
    This dish reminds me of the time when I used to go to one of my neighbur’s house especially to avail this dish as an old lady at that house had more expertise in making traditional food items.
    The most delicious constituent of this dish is the preserved meat which we call as ‘Qidit Goosht”.It increases the taste of the food many folds and adds a marvellous flavour to it.
    I hope to seeing this food flourishing in our today’s world as an integral food item at our houses.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. This is lovely. This reminds me of the dearest person to me, who is no more in this world i.e. my dear mother. She used to cook all sorts of traditional food for us and Shulbut was one of the best dishes I liked the most.

    However, I was also surprised to see the word “chicken” in the title and I do agree with Mutabaiat Saheb about the ingredient being Mutton and not chicken.

    Sultan Ahmed

  4. Shirin Nupos, Mujhe bhi 80 saal honey ko hey, kabhi chiken wali Shulbut nahi khayi hey, fikar mat karo mey tumharay saath hoon.


  5. Kudom shak neest ki SHULBUT ghaza-e-mazador na boshad, amma mun hich waqt SHULBUT-e-MORGH ra na deedam wa na shuneedam…..

    Khuda shuma ra hamisha sihatmand nigo doshta boshad

    as kaBul

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