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Illegal hunting of ibex irks Gulmit

 By Noor Muhammad Azur


Gulmit: Sounds of continuous gunshots from the surrounding mountains terrified the peaceful atmosphere of Gulmit last morning. These gunshots as the residents believe were of hunters and have become the routine as ibexes have climbed down from the mountains due to heavy snowfall.

Illegal hunting of ibex has become a norm in Gulmit valley and the law enforcers have not taken any step so far.  Local residents believe involvement of Police in such incidents. The residents of the village have demanded WWF and IUCN to probe into the mater.

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  1. Very bed news, Wild life laws and preservation are developed for the benefit of the community, it helps the community to attract domestic & international hunters, promotion of tourism and generate revenue. Pertinent Institutions working in Gulmit should take strong action, no matter who ever are involved to mitigate such incidents in the days ahead.

    On December 31, 2001 one of such incident taken place in Ghulkin territory were strongly reacted and addressed by the community.


    Shah Zaman

  2. Dear Readers of PT,
    This is indeed a shocking news about the illegal hunting of Ibex in the region. There are some rare kind of species around the globe which are termed as extinct species and Ibex is one of them.
    Because of narrow mindedness we move on to stop the ones who try to conserve the nature. I will appreciate if the young blood takes strong measures in protecting the nature and coming up with some road map for sustaining these extinct species in collaboration with the affiliated organziations.
    Aslam Ghalib

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