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Gojal people remember Benazir

HUNZA-NAGAR, Dec 29: The local leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) have demanded that the UN investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto be speeded up and the real culprits behind the plot unmasked.They made this demand at a gathering organised by the PPP, Gojal chapter, to mark the first anniversary of the national tragedy.

The gathering presided over by Mohammad Gauhar was attended by a large number of local party leaders, workers and people from all over Gojal valley. Karim Khan, senior party leader was the chief guest.

The speakers highlighted different dimensions of the life and services of the slain leader and showered tributes for the sacrifices she rendered for the restoration of democracy and for the basic rights of the downtrodden people of the country.

They recalled the services of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who gave voice to the downtrodden people of Gilgit-Baltistan and freed them from the shackles of the princely rulers and introduced basic socio-economic reforms and started development projects in the region.

They said the political consciousness given by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the people was not acceptable to the bureaucracy and the remnants of the ruling elite who conspired with international organizations, depoliticised the society and reversed the achievements of the people’s struggle.

They regretted that the region in spite of having a high literacy rate lacked political rights. They stressed the need for creating political awareness among the youth in particular, and the masses in general, to produce young visionary leadership who could meet the modern needs and challenges in the region and safeguard the interest of the people.

In the end, the gathering passed resolutions praising the present government for resolving the Sost Dry Port issue and demanded investigation against Chief Executive Ghazanfar Ali Khan and his son Saleem Khan for what they called massive ‘irregularities’ and corruption in the public funds and in the financial affairs of Sost Dry Port.

They demanded payment of compensation to the people who have lost their land in the widening of the KKH. They demanded a separate seat for Gojal valley in Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) and recruitment of local people in all public and private sector departments.

Those who spoke on the occasion included Muhammad Gohar, Karim Khan, Arab Khan, Aziz Jan, Muhammad Ajayeb, Bahadur Khan, Ijazat Bakht, Ali Dad, Ali Qurban, Farzana Aman, Akhoon Bai, Waqarun Nisa, Qurban Muhammad, Zaman Ali Shah, Amanullah Khan, Rehmat Karim, Amin Jan and Ghulam Baqir. Orignal at Dawn

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  1. In fact it is a result of the leadership of Z.A Bhutto that we, the people of Gojal-Hunza, are enchanting with the breath of freedom. By abolishing the princely ruling system, Z.A Bhutto conferred upon the people, freedom of speech; access to education and uplifted them socio-economically. We owe him a grand deal of allegiance and it can be redeemed by contributing to the mission of Z.A Bhutto.

    Like her father was killed, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated for her commitment to the people. One year has passed since her assassination and her death still remains a mystery. Despite the government of PPP, no sound action has yet been taken to investigate the assassination of the party leader. The government promised the people that it will carry out UN investigation into the matter, but so far nothing is known of the investigation. And the government hasn’t even led a parallel investigation on its own behalf into the subject.

    The nation wonders how long it has still to take to initiate the investigation. If the president knows the culprit(s), why the nation is kept in apprehension? Why is he not bringing the culprit (s) to justice? When is the right time to uncover the culprit (s)? And most importantly, who is the real culprit? As is the orthodox custom of our country, I am afraid, the real culprit will remain safe behind the power curtain and the episode of the assassination of our great leader will linger a mystery forever.

  2. Salute to Shaheed Muhtharama Banazir Bhuttu…. you were a hope for voiceless and marginalized people of the country… we are missing you

  3. …all the political parties includin BB are the culprits…

    the only leader we had was G. MUSHARRAF after QAID-E-AZAM….although i hate dictatorship but G. Musharraf era was superb…

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