Efforts on to bring GISAK back to life

By Asad Karim and Mirbaz Ali

Karachi – Representatives of various village youth organizations gathered in a meeting to discuss the fate of Gojal Ismaili Students Association, Karachi(GISAK). They observed that GISAK had gradually plunged into oblivion because of lack of interest from the office bearers and other stake holders. Prior to this meeting held on 11th of January, another meeting had already taken place, on 4th January, in the same connection.  

A large majority of the meeting participants appreciated the idea of reviving GISAK. Among the participants were Murad Khan (Ghulkin), Kiramat (Khyber), Amjad (Shishkat), Nadeem (Sost), Asad (Passu), Ejaz (Ghalapan), Ali Tajik (Chipursan), Shahid Sultan (Gulmit), Yasir (Shishkat), Shehzad (Khyber), Mirbaz (Passu) and Didar (Ghalapan), among others. 

Next meeting has been scheduled for 18th January, 2009, on Sunday. In this meeting the office bearers of GISAK have also been invited.

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  1. Nice to see the well efforts of the people from the different villages of gojal to re -estabilsh GISAK once more, but my sugguestion to those ex-members who arrange this meetings is that, if you are really sincere then you should informed the office bearers or senior members of all the villages by isseuing the letters, My view is that it will complusary to all Presidents or Secretaries or members of finance to represent their village base society.

  2. I think this is an important first step; organizing two meetings to discuss how to reactivate GISAK.

    I agree with Asif Ali sirang that in continuation of these meetings, you should bring the leaders of the various village-based student forums.

    Please note that while bringing people and groups together, and while reactivating GISAK, you should be very clear and focussed and avoid making statements and entering into ‘blame games’. Identify what are the commonalities, meaning ‘what unites us’, rather then ‘what divides us’.

    Just some pointers:

    1. GISAK is a registerd body with IC/RC for Karachi.
    2. GISAK is a governing member of NAISA
    3. GISAK is mainly responsible for providing academic, social, emotional, cultural and economic support to students from Gojal residing in Karachi so that they are able to perform excellence in education and pursue their careers. Besides, GISAK also acts as representative body for all Gojal residents in Karachi coordinating with various institutions of interest(within and outside).

    4. It has a good tradition of democracy, meaning regularly elections were conducted on annual basis through secret ballot system. And like the American Presidential elections, i remember the candidates sharing their ‘manshoor’ and agenda for change with the General body, before the balloting, and after the elections, both sides accepting the results and vowing to work together for furthuring the cause of students.

    As a result of the meetings, you should form a ‘Task Force/Organizing Committee’. They should formulate recommendations and strategies on how to re-activate GISAK and should be responsible for arranging fresh elections and takeover-handover to the new cabinet.

    In order to move smoothly and with ‘social guidance’ you may form an ‘Advisory Committee of Seniors/Ex-Students’ in Karachi to help the task foce.

    I see a light in the tunnel. You can do it!

    Amin Beg

  3. All Gojali students,

    Positive efforts taken by the students of Karachi university. The decision will be appreciated that would be taken by the majority of the students living in Karachi.
    My suggestion is that select or elect the cabinet whom you trust who should work actively for the welfare of the students of GISAK and all local Student Associations should work under the GISAK.
    You all know “unity is strenght” and “Education is power”.

    Best wishes for the upcoming election or selection.

  4. Well we should not wait someone from sky will come to organize and energize the organization. must be some omong with us should initiate and carry out with results
    well done keep good plans in action plan
    Naseer if am required please let me know but not important
    just to courage u men

  5. We will never achieve good results unless and until we strengthen and improve the VSO (Village Students Organizations), there must be a structural change in the Management setup of GISAK; I would suggest that President and Secretary of the all VSO’s should be a direct member/Ex-Officio of GISAK; this would provide good and qualitative representation of all VSO, because I have noticed that appointments of office bearers in VSO’s are taken with full consensus and mutual understandings, so every member of VSO entrust full confidence on their representatives, plus it would help and ease GISAK for executing all the tasks and assignments.
    When we say that charity begins at home then unity and brotherhood also begins from the family/relatives/village and then goes to the region.

    Shah Zaman

  6. Dear Mr. Avgarchick,

    For your kind information,

    The GISAK’s current position is also bcoz of ex students of university of karachi… all the gojali students are not in university of karachi to operate this organization from there that has been done by the ex students in past … ne way lets pray and hope for the best …. the current members are highly committed with their aims may Almighty Allah help them to achieve their goals to re-establish GISAK and Inshallah i myself will contribute my full support and co operation for this work.

  7. Dear Youth
    Best, and huge luck to all the boys who have, taken the initiative, to reinstate the old and golden glory of GISAK. It was not just a student association but it was our image to every other in and out to the community. It is not any allotment and Paternal inherited post to the selected ones. The one who are not interested in the development and student but have a full stop on the mirror.
    It was assemble by very humble and people with pain at heart for the students. It was this Platform which gave us many people who today are leading our community and others also seek their expertise. It was an institution which pioneered in many events and had worked not only to student’s affair but also was in the front line to social awareness, social empowerment, and the first to introduce cultural events. It was to unit the community which is one but had many self built difficulties. We are one the must Degree Holder people, not sure about literacy, in the world, but we do not have any leaders (WHY?) so have to rely mostly on Drivers and Failed Business Men.
    In my opinion, if the institution of leadership development is shattered then man is forced to live in his own domain and will develop his own shape of leaderism.

    GISAK is an leadership institution, where an squire, get to know how to handle common difficulties, how to use word, how to built confidence inorder to face the real world (the brutal one) .
    I really feel pain and agony when new about small villages organizing event at their created boundaries level, people feel comfortable at it but it in reality is a big question mark for us living in the 21 century
    That we such small community in the world do not have one platform locally but have organization in our Kitchens. Then when will the time come when we will speak one word with people of our small culture and language form Chitral, Iskoman, etc. and Will the time come when we will have programs and events and exchanges with Tajikistan and Afghanistan people , who think and expect much more form us .

    So dear my Humble massage to all the name that have taken the initiative of make it a one sole act please, please we are in many difficulties we need such people. And another please don’t be InShallah Qom, but act this is what Allha has mentioned. I help those who act and help themselves.

    We need GISK in every part of Pakistan, as the world is becoming a village with the massage
    Survival of the prepared and planned and fatality to the isolated ones.

    I m straight in my word, please forgive me, specially the Pamir people, because you have become mouth pieces our humble thoughts.

  8. I personally attended the last meeting, held at AKHSS – Karachi, during a cricket tournament.

    The support for reviving and reforming GISAK was overwhelming. At least one representatives/activist from each village of Gojal valley participated in the meeting and it was unanimoulsy resolved that a committee would communicate with members of the former cabinet and ask them to step down, formally because of inaction for a long period of time.

    The committee is scheduled to meet on Saturday, this week, and devise the transition steps.


  9. Thanks Piyar Ali for your comments on My comments!

    I do hope that you people will do your best in reviving the GISAK. In my previous “comments” I had the opinion that some students from Karachi university are working on the issue. I met some of them in Karachi university and they shared it with me, too.
    I pray for the success of all our students living in Karachi and the upcoming cabinet of GISAK.

    “Think Positive and Move ahead”

  10. Dear readers of PT,
    I would like to mention here that it is not a good practice and a good sign to develop student associations which create flaws in minds. The reinstatement of GISAK is really appreciable instead of establishing new organizations based on village boundries. The GISAK’S reactivation would be far more better than any other village based student organizations.
    We are not to create differences amongst ourselves rather have to be together as a team putting aside the village boundaries.
    Well representation can be given to villages in GISAK instead of going for a completely new formations.
    The era is of globalization and must be sensable enough and diligent in preseving our norms,values and good pracitices by moving abreast for a common goal.
    I will once again appreciate if there is no politics involved because political activities ruin student organzations and ultimately are put to an end with out any prospects.
    Thank you all
    Aslam Ghalib

  11. Allah karay ki is mai politics involve na ho

    Dear Mr. Avgarchick,

    M sorry i don’t know your name but if your are also here in karachi and met with the guys that wana bring GISAK back then you must also be apart of it bcoz of your good thought
    “Think Positive and Move ahead”
    Lets see sirf DUA karne se hota hai ya KAM karne se

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