Muhammad Younus of Khyber, Gojal, makes us all proud

Muhammad Younus

By Rehmat Karim

Muhammad Younus, a young professional and student belonging to Khyber Gojal, has become the first person from the region to qualify ICMA examination. He earned this honor during the winter session, recently.

Younus worked for the Aga Khan University – Hospital, in Karachi, before leaving for Kabul to take charge of the Finance Department at French Medical Institute for Children.

He has appreciated the efforts of Pamir News, saying, “Pamir Times is doing a significant effort to establish new trends in the society and further illuminate the educated society”.

The entire team of Pamir News offers heart felt congratulations to Younus for this landmark achievement. We hope that our younger generation is inspired by his commendale achievement.


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  1. Hearties congratulation to the young man and his family for making us proud. Such rare achievements are source of inspiration for the youngsters. Their endevours are also provoking us to be optimistic about the future.

  2. We all are proud of Younis for his mark achievement. indeed he is a man of success since i know him… Good luck and best wishes

  3. Congratulations to Younus and his family. This is really a big achievement and ICMA like degrees need real perseverance and dedication. I know Younus is a talented guy and he had taken a much bigger challenge than ICMA before qualifying this one.

    I pray for more successes to come on his way in the life ahead.

  4. congratulation younis brother ,you not onley made the khyberian proud ,u made our whole region proud…once again from majeed bahi ,rehman behi and myself best of wishes and pray…
    sakhi ,canada

  5. If there is will there is way, certainly u proved and got tremendous result of the hard work as i knew with close sight. I hope our next generation will follow u. God bless u to enhance the pace of success. congratulation


  6. Dear Brothers,

    It is result of good wishes and prayers of you all. Thank you all for your good wishes. I am proud of the region I belong. I can share proudly with the international community that how we are contributing today to the societies at large and moving on the leadership path for the nations of tomorrow.
    Wish to be a giving hand, dedication, commitment, consistency and prioritizing your objectives with good strategic planning leads you to success.

    With Best Regards,

    Younus Dilyab Shah
    Kabul, Afghanistan.

  7. Congratulations.

    On becoming member of one of the highiest Professional Accounting body of Pakistan. We need more youngsters to take your footsteps to reach the heights of their careers.

    It is desirable that our young students are engaged in purposeful education now as specialists in every field are requirement of the day. A good qualified technician is more desired then a simple graduate worth nothing.

    Sher Karim

  8. Congratulation Younus Bhai.Indeed it is a matter of inspiration for all of us. i hope you will guide others on the same path of outstanding success and i hope you are aware of your responsibilities that the whole Gojal is seeking from you.

  9. Younus.

    What a great acheivement. keep it up Younus. I guess, you are still in Kabul. Thanks for entertaining Dr. Farman and me in Kabul.


  10. Its good to know that Our Ismaili brothers, particularly our northern people are serving less fortune people through their knowledge and time. I wish you and all those living in such difficult areas best of luck!!

  11. It is thrilling to learn from pameer News that you have passed
    ICMA with flying colors. Please accept my congratulations.
    You have held the dignity of ( our area high and memorable)
    With your excellent academic record. It will not be difficult for you
    as you already got job at abroad.
    It is really creditable for you to have done so well.
    I hop your future will be as bright as you are in present.

    Best wishes

    Hikayat shah Saudi arabia

  12. Congratulation dear brother on your great achievement,
    we proud and hope that you Contribute your knowledge & skills for the development of human being.

    our best wishes always with you,

  13. Congratulation dude !!

    younus is my good friend but we haven’t met since 1998 .i am proud of your great achievement !!!!!!!!! keep it up may Imam bestow his real blessings .

    ameen keep in touch

  14. congratulation and good wish to you younus i am praying for your sparkling feuture

  15. dear mamu jan,
    i pay u congratulations from the depth of my heart
    on ur outstanding achievement.we r proud of u n
    inshallah will follow ur footsteps.

  16. Congratulations Younuns, belated though!
    Really proud of you …
    it’s a pioneering achievement in our context

    Wish you a flourishing professional career ahead


  17. Well done dear Younis , it is the power to excile in the competitive world and i am so so glad to know about your splendid career, go ahesd my prayers are with you and with your career.
    we need such professionals in our community in order to make the world competitive. Once Again congruate.

  18. Great achievement really we are proud of you.Hope you will utilize your expertise as producive as many expect.Do not stop here do more sky is the limit.

    Saleem Khan Saleem

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