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Abbas Ali makes Hunza proud

by Nur

Abbas Ali, a resident of Hunza valley,  is one of the pioneering graduates of MA in Muslim Cultures at the Institute for Study of Muslim Civilizations. He graduated, recenlty,  along with 12 of his batch fellows, in a ceremony held in London.

“Abbas Ali had completed his MBA in marketing from the Institute Abbas Aliof Business Administration, Punjab University, Pakistan; he also completed several courses in business development at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Prior to joining the Institute, Abbas has worked within the Aga Khan Development Network in the following positions: Head of the Internal Audit Department at AKU, Pakistan; Coordinator for the AKDN Group Purchase Programme, AKU Hospital, Northern Areas, Pakistan; and, Marketing Lead with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture supported Karakoram Handicrafts Programme in the Northern Areas, Pakistan”. SOURCE

“Abbas has also served as a member of the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board (Northern Areas, Pakistan) and President of the Altit Youth Social Welfare Association, Hunza”. 

Editor’s note: Abbas Ali has been contributing to Pamir Times for almost a year, now. We are honored to have him amongst us and congrtulate him and his family for this achievement. You have made us proud. Ed_.

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  1. Dear Abbas Ali, congratulations !!.. Well done……
    To be happy, make other people happy. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving.

  2. Congratulations Kako Abbas.. We are really proud of you.. This is a step which is of great inspiration for the younger generation who are in the stage of enriching their education.

    Bravo Keep it up

    Salman Abbas

  3. his background is in auditing and marketing.he did his masters in muslim civilizations but writing skills in politics .if this makes Hunzukut proud then we should think on ourself, where we are.
    we should be proud for those who are really doing well in their own fields like Malik sahib who did his masters from Harward n other many hunzais got graduated with good positions in different european and american universities this year.I don|t criticize this person but we will be pround on him when he would do something extra ordinary in his own filed …not jack of all trades..congrats for him…

  4. Congratulation for your achievements and best wishes for your bright future.


  5. Congratulation Abbas sahib it is a happy moment for you and all those around you. I hope you will be contribute towards the development of our society with your knowledge and skills.
    Best of Luck.

  6. Dear Abbas Bhai,
    Many many congratulations for the remarkable achievement.
    You seem to be a diversified personality equiped with all the utensils that give you more space and adulations.
    One must be appreciated if is multiskilled and is trying to influence minds for something constructive.
    Keep up the pace and all the very best for the future assignements.

    Aslam Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  7. Abbas ali is the first graudate of AKU-ISMC, from the land of Giligit-Baltistan. The trail that he has balzed is now followed by many others form GB region. I congratualte Abbas ali sahip for his achievement and wish him good luck for his future endeavours

    ali al-Hakim

  8. Accept my a lot of congratuations on your brillenat achivement and I am proud of you and people of Hunza. For many it is easy to be jake of all but master of non, but it is reall difficult to be master of many, and Abbas Ali Sahip you have proved yourself as master of many through your excellent achivenments in academic and professional lives. It is wonderfull, I hope you will keep it up and serve the people of our areas. Wishing you best of Luck.

    Muhammad Alam

  9. Abbas bahi<
    Congratulatiobs for your great achievements, well done, keep it up

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  10. congratulations on this great achievement and wish you best of luck for your future
    Nadeem Gul

  11. Abbas bhai,
    my sincere and humble congratulations and great appreciation for such wonderful accomplishements, your every comment and articles on PT always depicted your intellegence and wide ranging knowledge,its dissmination through PT has been fruitful for all class of people particulalry youths! thank you so much for your valuable time.
    we are proud of you people,those who have been good to the society and people of GB. it is my prayers many successes in the future. i wish we the young generation clasp the achievments trend and prove ourselve among the knowledge society according to our Imman’s vision!
    congratulations Abbas Bhai

  12. Kako Abbas,
    hartiest congratulations on your brilliant success, keep it up.

    thanksn and regards

    Sharif Khan

  13. Dear friends and well wishers,
    I thank Nur for his title where he mentioned about me to make Hunza proud. Fearlessly, boldly, with dedication and commitment it is most satisfying achivement of my life whenever I have been able to contribute towards bettrment of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Hunza . I could talk of humanity in general while I will go deepdown in the philosophical and theoretical intercacies and jorgans, however, practically I am a son of the soil of Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan would be my top priority in life when it comes to serve , this way ultimatly a contribution to whole humanity. With my limited skills, knowledge and understanding I could not be able to reach to serve the whole humanity and be beneficial to Gilgit-Baltistan effectivley, where as it is possible to work other way round.

    Let me put here my humble thanks for all my friends, dear ones, mentors and well wishers who have extended their congratulation to me and shared my happiness. Socrates, was indepted to the society tremendously from which he has learned his wisdom, though he had to had the cup of poision to die. Today I am lucky enough to be benefitted from many chances of learning that my society has provided me with, in fact, individiually I would not have been able to achive even a fraction of out I have tody. Whatever achievements came into my lape, those I have today, I am highly indebted to lots of people in my life thos who have inspired me, supported me financially, emotionally and have given me courge to excell in life, including my parents, uncles, life partner, and community at large. Two names those have a lasting imprint on my career path are my Primary school teacher Habib Ullah Jan, now teaching at D.J School Ahmad Abad Hunza but than was at D.J Primary Schools Salman Abad (Gamysarat), and in professional life Amin Beg, who was my boss at my first job with KHDP-AKCSP, I am highly indepted for the spark they have ignited in me although with hard and painful lessons they put me through.

    Michel Focult reknowned philosopher and sociologist of 20th centurey, championed the idea of knowledge-power that decides about good and bad in societies rather it determines what is good and what is bad. Today, people from Gilgit-Baltistan have reached to the supreme insitutions of knowledge construction in the contemporary world meritocractically and have the zeal to shoulder the development process of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, through their knowlege they could enforce what is good in our own context and what is bad to our society, creating a process of empowerment. It is not necessary for a hen to hetch all the eggs it has laid but it is always expected that some of those eggs could become chickens, given that it continue to give eggs. So that it is not necessary that all those who reached to supreme insititutions of learning would be having a pain for pbulic life equally but the process should remain continously going on so that some should be coming forward with zeal to serve the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. What we could do is very important, yes we all want development. But how could we achive development in real terms, lets find the answer in the title of the Noble prizer winner Amartya Sen “ Development as Freedom” it is not Freedom as Development. With hope to be sharing the fruits of empowerment of our socities and individuals with same commitment, dedication, bold steps and hard work. Once again I extend my heart felt thanks to all of you for your good wishes and congratulations.

    Abbas, Karachi.

  14. Dear Abbas! Heartiest congratulations. The Region and the community is proud of you.

  15. Abbas Bhai, Many many congratulations for the remarkable achievement.”marvlous”..
    we (HUNZA People) are really proud on u..wishing u a very happy nice future.

    Shabo Gilgit.

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