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Culture of Hunza Valley

I BELONG to the Hunza Valley. When I heard that a TV channel was airing a programme that “portrays the valley’s culture”, I was excited. However, on watching the programme, I was deeply hurt and very disappointed.

The programme, ‘Dulhan’, shows a ‘Khan Sahib’ in a lead villain’s role.

The irony is that there is no concept of ‘Khan Sahib’ in the valley. Anyway, the soap’s story was that the ‘Khan Sahib’ wants to make love to a girl and sets his goons after her. In reality, the valley does not have any ‘goons’ .

The valley is one of the only few parts of Pakistan that has 98 per cent literacy rate and 90 per cent of them are postgraduates. Such programmes taint the valley’s image and hurt the sentiments of its residents (Hunzukutz).

I wish to request the channel to change this part of their story or stop claiming that their programmes portray the true culture of the beautiful Hunza Valley.

Karimabad, Hunza

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  1. Its fact that the local Media are not projecting our tradition in a way, which has to be project. In my perception they think if there is no “Khan Sahib” or “Malik” in any movie it’s incomplete but its not so. When someone is going to make a movie in any particular area, it’s important to first understand that particular culture. It’s a uniqueness of our tradition that we have no concept of “Khan Sahib”. I haven’t have discrimination in terms of social classes. It was a part of our tradition but after 1971 it has been demolish. I urge those authorities who are assigned to promote culture should keep eyes on such “Shows” or “Movies”. We have to promote our own tradition rather than coping of someone’s tradition.
    Hameed Tajiki (GLT)

  2. As already mentioned there is a concerted campaign by the establishment, and it is utilizing every channel available to it, to portray a negative image of our area and society, not just Hunza but the whole of Gilgit-Baltistan. The social hierarchy in every part of Pakistan (except Gilgit-Baltistan of course) has an entity called Khan sab, Chaudary, Sardar, Wadarah sayee, etc. who has literally hijacked the society and impeded social reformation. But Gilgit-Baltistan in the last three decades has evolved to an egalitarian one.
    It is about time that we must show to the world the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are culturally, socially, linguistically and ethnically different from people living in other parts of Pakistan

  3. I had heard about this drama before its release and I was eagerly awaiting for this drama to come on air but when I saw an episode of the drama I was disgusted. They had made fun of our culture. A family of khan shahibs with a daughter studying downcoutry and a vivacious and stupid baday khan father. It was shameful. They are misepresenting our culture and identity and we need to do something about it. We need to show the world what we really are and I am sure we are not a batch of violent and pathetic khan shahibs!!!!
    Nadeem Gul

  4. Dear Readers
    You all have talked about our culture , heritage we are good etc etc…let me tell you that we are not that much very good to which extent we are thinking our selves to be. You have drugs,Vine,women harassment and other social evils even existing today in our society , the most genuine factor that our so called rich culture is under attack. If it was rich then it would not has been attacked. It is possible that it was rich and we made it value less ourselves and allowed the outsiders to come and treat it according to their convenience. My request to you people is to please look in the society , in ourselves and then blame someone. As far as the drama is concerned would any one of you please tell me the name of channel on airing it and by which name or title. So that we can talk to the responsible and try to make some amendments/editing.


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