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Relief items from China will reach Gojal in last week of January: Mutabiat Shah

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Gilgit, January 8: MLA Mutabiat Shah has said that relief items for the people affected by the Attabad Landslide disaster and damming of the Hunza River will reach Gojal valley in the last week of January. He said that the decision for importing relief items, including fuel and food, from China was taken at a meeting chaired by the NDMA Chairman.

Talking to the media, MLA Mutabiat Shah said that the relief package will consist of 10 items, including flour, cooking oil and coal, almost similar to the items brought during the last two years.

He appreciated the role of GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig, Chief Minister and Chief Secretary in this regard.

20 thoughts on “Relief items from China will reach Gojal in last week of January: Mutabiat Shah

  1. success story,, but need to developed a fare distributional mechanism,,,, especially fuel and coal items..

  2. Can Mr.Wazir Beg and Shah Sahib (Chairman Relief Committee)explain the consumption of previous fuel (patrol, diesel) of about 300,000 ltrs brought in 2011 and 2012 from China in the name of Gojal relief as where the fuel was consumed and what about the money. The Gojal affactess are paying Rs.130 per ltr for diesel. The record of the previous fuel items must be brought in public. A particular mafia has made it a source of income and resultantly the people at large donot take any benefit.

  3. Dear. Shah Sahib, Hopefully distribution will bee equal to all around Gojal, Distribution Committee must not be from IDP’s
    hope Charcoal will not be for sale.

  4. The arrival of Relief will not solve the immense problem of the disaster hit Gojal and Attabad.We need the speedy release of water from the lack and restoration of KKH. These few sacs of flour will not compensate for the loss of progress and development
    .Surprisingly the ruling party and Opposition both are claiming and announcing about the arrival of relief in local news papers while their supporter support them blindly if they have really any input in this story. In fact it is the foreign office who deals all the matter as done in last years. We did not know about the previous fuel usage and distribution as It was given to some local contractor belonging to PPP. The people are calm about all this corruption.We must raise our moral values beyond the so called political parties if we want to save Gojal.

  5. Good effort shah sab! Please keep it up and ensure to place a transparent mechanism of its proper distribution and utilization. Apart from it please keep in constant follow up with the concern team or monitoring body working for releasing
    water from the lake.

  6. I do agree with Khuda Dad. We don’t need fuel. And we don’t need to pay thanks to the hibernated MNAs on this relief. Pay thanks to the Chinies government who does care the people of Gojal on the basis of old friendship with Hunza state.

  7. First of all I appreciate the generosity of Chines Government that they provided food items to the most deserving people of Gojal and Atta abad in the last two years. and i am agree with the IDP Gojal we must not always wait for the Relief, it is not the solution of the problems. we are waiting that how to eat fish not how to catch fish.My request goes to Mr.Mutabiat Shah MLA Sb to site with the people of Gojal and make a strategic plan for rehabilitation of the suffered people and rest of Gojal in general problems
    . we are losing our strengths of hardworking,self sufficiency and honesty. when we get free relief items our Greediness increases and trying to cheat people. And also rein the administration involved in embezzlement.

  8. The Adverse effects of relief food on the health of population:
    The package food items includes fine white flour, polished white rice, high energy biscuits, white sugar and cooking oil. All the food items except vegetable cooking oil are high calories hyperglycemic and rich sources of carbohydrate. Consumption of high calorie carbohydrate diet is root cause of obesity leading to metabolic syndrome: Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar), hypertension (high blood pressure), Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) and many more diseases are directly related with obesity (increase weight). The relieve food items are deficient in protein, fibers and vitamins and other components of balanced diet. The availability of free low quality food also results sedentary life style (Less physical activities) and will further increase the incidence of metabolic syndrome.
    To my knowledge the obesity and metabolic syndrome is already on increasing trend in the population of Gojal valley and could be prevented by; increasing physical activities, less consumption of carbohydrate diet, increase intake of protein and fiber (vegetables, salad and fruits). Aga Khan Health service, other non-government agencies and community bodies could play an important role to create awareness programs to decrease the future incidence of serious diseases.
    Dr.A.Rehman Alvi FRCS, FCPS
    Associate Professor and Consultant Surgeon
    Aga Khan University, Karachi.

  9. Thank you shah sahib! indeed this is a very good effort by the government. I always appreciate positive efforts of the government. This time please keep away the JIALAZ form the relief and materialize a transparent mechanism to avoid baseless blames.

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