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Shagufta may have been murdered, police get physical remand of husband and brother-in-law

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Gilgit, October 2: Investigations into the violent death of 21 year old Shagufta, mother of a 3-month old child, have taken a new turn, based on new evidences. Initially the death was portrayed as a suicide by her in-laws. Later investigation , however, led to the suspicions that she may have been killed. Police has also made two arrests in this regard.

According to sources, a final postmortem report is still awaited from Lahore.

Police officials have, however, obtained physical remand of the two arrested people – Shagufta’s husband Nasir Hussain and his brother, from a civil judge in Gilgit on Tuesday.

Father of the deceased, a highly respected and experienced retired teacher who had nominated the accused in an FIR, has said that his daughter was shot dead before being thrown into a trench, to mislead investigators and the general public, by “portraying a murder as a case of suicide”.

Police officials connected to the investigations have also told our Gilgit correspondent that the death seems to have been caused by coercion and physical violence, not suicide.

Shagufta, a resident of Gojal Valley, had married Nasir Hussain from Ganish (Central Hunza) last year.

Family members of Nasir Hussain, however, are saying that the death was caused by suicide, not murder. “It is a great loss for our family and the family of our Bhabi. She was just like our sisters”, Imtiaz Hussain Bercha, a relative of Nasir Hussain told Pamir Times in a message.

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  1. may her soul rest in peace …. i want to know what were the circumstances that took her life…… i am also surprized that why today the people, who are known as leaders of our community are silent, what are the loop holes of incidents….. she was too young that we can’t blame her for anything….. i am asking to the leaders what was your role …….. it is very easy to accuse someone rather then to show them the right path….. our leader the white colors themselves are like “black sheep” so what they are doing is that … they are always searching for weakness in ohers rather then to strengthen them…… this is not the murdered of a single innocent girl it is the murder of our all community…… so for God sake do somethig…..

  2. I feel grieved and dismal when ever I remember of this loss so overwhelming. But at this moment I refrain my self from putting the blame on someone and i would urge people to please control their emotions and not to make any premature assumptions just merely based on doubts and rumors. Indeed Shuagufta is like a sister to all and I share the same pain as any of her relatives or friends would do. This case is very sensitive since it is within two families of two different ethnicity’s having different sects. Very unfortunately some people are deliberately or unintentionally trying to give this incident a sectarian swing which can create very complications among both communities. I request all to please just wait for the investigation results which will unveil the reality and let the law enforcement and Council do its job.
    I pray may Allah assuage the anguish and pain of both families and bestow the departed soul with eternal bounties of heaven. And justice be done to both families without unnecessary pain and discomfort.

  3. Some people are trying to create fear by subtly raising issues of sect and ethnicity and region. They seem to be supporting injustice and crime, in their attempts to protect their near and dear ones.

    We urge the authorities to take appropriate action against the criminals and not bow down to the pressure that some people will try to exert, openly or tacitly.

    If justice is not done, we will inform the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, National Commission of Status of Women and the South Asian Human Rights Council. We will start a nation-wide protest drive, until the criminals are brought to justice.

  4. She took care of me like my sister,.I am Nasir Hussain,s cousin ,our family cant ever think of murdering anybody anybody ,we belong to a family ,who brought the foundation of education in hunza. We are grandsons of Master Sikander ali khan,who had been chief in gojal for many years.for god sake this all is fake,nobody knows about the reality ..We are extremely sad and disgusted at the moment ,dont blame our family..

    1. Noshad, if u wanna defend yourself, can you please mention the reason she suicide. yes Master sikandar was great person dear you talking about the time when people know how to respect each other, time is much change now so we cant compare ourself with our forefathers hope u understand.

  5. Indeed a good statement by Shah Hussain sahib, I am sure the statement is not only the voice of Shah Hussain Sahib but the voice of Gigit Baltistan, we all should analyze the situation as a human being rather then ethnicity or religion.

  6. let us wait for the outcomes of this case. For me it is failure of Mr. Nasir Hussain and family even if it is a suicide. Why his wife did so?????????????????

  7. Its totally unfair, to treat the issue as a mere suicide.. The girl who got married in very unfair circumstances, how brutal her in-laws were to her, to lead her to take this step.. if they didn’t like her why they didn’t send her to her parents, instead of keeping her locked in house and not letting her go anywhere…May I ask those people what if this situation comes to someone of their family and they are forced to commit suicide???

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