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Editorial: Rescue operation in Shimshal

Ten locals of Shimshal valley, according to media reports, have been trapped in the Pamir region due to heavy snowfall. for the past two weeks. Reports also have it that hundreds of yaks have died because of cold while thousands remain at risk of death. The group trapped in the Pamir region is blieved to be under imminent threat of life. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, chief executive of NALA, has taken the issue with Chief secretary and other relevant government officials and, ATV reported that, sending a chopper to the Pamir region is being considered to rescue the trapped group.

We appreciate the idea of sending the helicopter for this important rescue mission and urge the government officials to support the idea put forward by Ghazanfar Ali Khan. It would not only save human life, but also increase trust of the region’s people in the state and government’s commitment to the region. Nur_.

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  1. May God give them strength to survive and overcome this natural trial.(ameen)
    Thanks God; the government is playing its part in helping the people;as usual late! anyways, something is better than nothing.

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