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New package for NAs, soon

HUNZA-NAGAR, March 17: The federal government will soon announce a new constitutional and governance package for the Northern Areas which will give autonomous executive, judiciary and financial powers to the local people.

This was stated by Advocate Syed Jaffar Shah, president Pakistan People’s Party Northern Areas, while addressing a gathering of party officebearers and workers in Karimabad, Hunza.

He said the package was developed after intensive consultations with the political representatives and intelligentsia of Gilgit-Baltistan. He said the package would be announced during the visit of Federal Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira to the region.

He said chairperson of Benazir Income Support Programme Farzana Raja would also launch distribution of 50,000 forms in Gilgit-Baltistan soon.

He said Hunza-Nagar would be given the status of district in the new package, adding Hunza was on top priority followed by Shigar to get an additional seat in the coming political setup.

Ghulam Mohammad, member PPP Central Executive Committee, on the occasion said the party should consider the demands of the people of Hunza on a priority basis. He criticised the behavior of police and other officials towards the party workers.

Fida Karim, the president of PPP Hunza chapter, feared difficulties for the party candidates if the additional seat for Hunza was not announced before the coming election.

He said the KKH land compensation policy was still not clear and the local administration was not playing its due role to safeguard the interests of the people. He said local youth should be appointed in the police in order to ensure the secur ity of Chinese engineers and workers working on KKH expansion project. He said the civil supply depot lacked wheat storage and blockade of KKH could lead to famine in the region.

Chairman Union Council Shinaki alleged high level corruption in the construction of Khizerabad bridge. The party leaders from Gojal pointed out lack of interest on part of the contractor and the departments concerned in the construction of the Chipurson road. They demanded immediate approval of PC-4 for the Gulmit hospital which lacked basic health facilities. Also at Dawn

By: Zulfiqar

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  1. I remember the famous Persian saying “har ki aamd imorati no sakth” I think, the translation or meaning could be ‘each new comers construct the building sketch according to his/her own wishes’. Already a package was given by the previous government and Hunza-Nagar was declared the status of a new district, but unfortunately the present government stopped the development and again trying to put the old wine in a new bottle. Ok, Syed Jaffar Shah, if it works please do it, but do not allow the incumbents to re-do it.

    Unfortunately GB is treated in a childish manner and all the champions of human rights are silent and tapped masks on their mouth and eyes, but the people of GB are always optimistic and hope for better one and Hunza should be given priority for additional seat in NALA.

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan

  2. Gud news,but not the new one, i request 2 Mr.Ruzdor dear ur a belong frm youth but your work,thinkings are not look like this com out frm the T.P.C.still your Leader Raj G.khan is not learan why he throw out frm hunza region,it;s show the cheep think dear Ruzdor keep away, ur a edu person why u cut ur noes ur own hand. i hope u don’t mind it becoz we love u.

  3. it seems that jaffer shah sb has been given a lolly pop by islamabad…but if it is true then we hope this will give some hope to the socially and politically deprived people of GB.
    finally its in response to Ruzdor’s commnets, this is what we were not expecting from u (educated youth) my dear.
    thanks and regards
    long live Gilgit Baltistan
    Baig (Mamoo)

  4. Although I do not agree with my friend Ruzdor, but I think we should use a descent and good language here. The way Mr. Kaleemullah has replied to Ruzdor is quite surprising, as I think such a comment should not be posted in any case, it is surprising because the PT owners have made comment etiques and they must have been reading the comments before posting. This shows that they are not neutral at all.



  5. A great new for us but the ppp might work for us more then that we r aspacting because the majority of the people are toward this party ..and they hope that this regeme will give us our rights…

  6. I think the current package of the people of Gilgit Baltistan is just nothing….If the current Govt is committed toward this area (according to Roazdar) than the constitutional right must be given to the people of GB. I dont think that the current govt is focusing our area specially.

  7. I think it would be more appropriate if instead of begging the ministers and civil servant in the related ministries in Islamabad, Mr. Jaffer Shah and other leaders of PPP work towards attaining a status where they themselves could decide on how to generate money and where to spend it.

  8. I Think, it’s just an wild goose chase, and there will be no change in the present status and condition of GB, as most of the Govts did the same in the past …. Particularly Mr. Zardair sb govt; who did nothing in the past one year even for Pakistan except of changing the names of different institutes and buildings / roads such as, Islamabad Airport has been changed into Benazir Bhutto Airport and Mary Rd into Benazir Sahheed Rd, so what they can do for the northern areas???, and this will certainly hurt the eternal soul of Shaheed BB. If anybody have any issue regarding my statement then I apologize for it but it’s true and nothing but the true.

    The only man who did the marvelous and concrete job for Northern area as well as Pakistan is Pervaiz Musharaff.

    Nara-e- musharaff
    Bad main aaya Sab pe Chaya
    Pervaiz Musharraf Pervaiz Musharraf


    Basit Ali

  9. i think we should not expect any betterment from Zardari….so no comments///


  10. New Package” a word repeatedly comes in media as herald for the inhabitant of Gilgit Baltistan whenever a new governt comes on the throne. Do we have ever realized what sort of package, what is the authencity of this package? If there is no single representative in National assembly of the population of more than one million. How we can claim New package for the for people of GB. This is nothing but cosmetic package . Since for the last sixty years GB being as faithful to their home land country hoping to be given a right where they can elect their representative in National assembly.

    The day when we would be given an opportunity to elect our own representative will be the real package. One chief secretary is ruling over one million people . Is it the justice with people of this area? . what ever is the case I don’t want to go to the depth of international politics Where it has been categorized as a disputed territory.

    Changing name and replacing it by new name is not the real reforms. This start with restructuring the existing system and giving the basic right to the people. Constitutionally it should be than ratified. The all measures so far taken is only administrative steps just to calm the people.


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