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KKH expansion: protesters seek compensation

HUNZA-NAGAR, March 18: Protesters on Wednesday stopped the ongoing work on the expansion of Karakoram Highway (KKH) near Ganish in Hunza demanding proper compensation policy and construction mechanisms to minimize the losses in community-settled areas.

The peaceful protest was organised by Hunza-Nagar KKH compensation committee and the affected people of Ganish Village.The protesters warned the government against repeating the injustice meted out to them at the time of the highway construction during 1970s. They blamed that the contractors are not following the previous land demarcation and extra lands are being included in the road.

They also demanded the government to record and compensate the extra damages to crops, trees and surrounding lands occurs during the use of heavy machinery.

They said that the local administration and contractor should give proper notice to the villagers before starting works.

The protesters passed a resolu tion demanding compensation according to the proposals made by the Assistant Commissioner Hunza. They demanded advance payment of the compensation. They also demanded presence of the representatives of NHA and settlement department during the expansion work in community-settled areas.

The protest was ended when the Deputy Commissioner Gilgit through telephone assured the people to meet their demands before starting work on KKH expansion in community-settled areas. Also at Dawn

By: Zulfiqar

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  1. Government should take decision on the compensation policy, to compensate those people have road side land which is the main assets of the local people of Hunza and Nagir. They should get the benefits of their assets.

  2. The concerns should take immediate action to have the difficulty resolve, as the people of the area has been stressed because of this… and they Govt should grant the effected people ASAP against there assets …



  3. “If you are not serious in resolving an issue than form a committee or commission” has become a popular slogan in Pakistan. To my surprise a committee has been formed to solve the issue of compensation in GB, which has concerned me more keeping the track record of previous problems. It is pathetic that work on the expansion of KKH has started but to give compensations for affect tee is still ambiguous and all in doldrums. Already the People of Gilgit Baltits were met out 1970 in the same injustice way. The all responsibility is on the shoulder of present representative of the GB who should take this serious issue to the Government of Pakistan.
    Before that an unanimous formula should be formed for the compensation in terms of Finance or any agreed mode of compensation. This committee, which has been formed for resolving the problem, should exert continuous pressure on their respective representatives and force them to visit Islamabad to meet the Govern. Official and leave no stone unturn in resolving the problem.
    Print and electronic media should be used maximum to highlight this issue.

    I hope and pray that the above slogan should be proved wrong and People of GB should be bestowed their right so that a sense of deprivation would not prevail among the inhabitants of the area.


  4. this iz the right time to demand. I personally appreciate the effort of the people of Ganish. I am requesting to the people of Gojal and specially to our representatives to fight for their rights.

    don’t repeat this


    kiramat rozdar

  5. it’s in deed sulte to the people of Ganish,they are not demanding only for Ganish compensation,Rozidar Kako just it’s over duty to wak up the all region we are one Hunza-Nagar Gojal if u for get the issue of Sust dry port i remaind u we are the poeple who fight for thire rights and show the people power,Rozidar Kako that time knew better then me becoz ur a part of that so my dear try to be the part of people this is real power not the single one so i hope u will not mind it becoz we love u.

  6. the issue needs to be resolved within the project,s worktime, as the project is of just three years you need to get it done now… i am working in kashmir with chinese( Neelum Jehlum Haydroelectric Power Project) as language translator and we do have the some issues there , but all you need ito do is to get togather and make an effort to solve the issue as soon as possible ,

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