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Resident of Nagar Valley shot dead in Gilgit

The body is being taken for burial

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, September 14: Javed, 42, son of Muhammadi, a resident of Hunza – Nagar district, died today after getting injured in a firing incident in Amphary locality of Gilgit city.

According to reports, Javed, a tailor by profession, was fired upon near Amphary area where he had gone for some personal work. He was shifted to DHQ Hospital in severely injured condition where he breathed his last. Funeral prayer of the deceased was offered in the evening at Imamia Masjid and the body was sent to Nagar Valley for burial.

 The hope for restoration of peace in Gilgit city has been jolted by today’s firing incident. The

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  1. That was not reconciliation, that was just hypocracy. Mullah never accepts each other, I am sure when both mullah reached their mosques they, they would have said to their followers, ” ya to dekhanay kay liye tha” so we do not need any reconciliation, ordinary men is busy to earn food. so if we arrest these mullahs or who ever who is killer, that would decrease the incidents. sitting with CM GB mullahs have thought, that is coz we are trouble makers and will continue it, otherwise we have no importance.

  2. This will be our humble request with both sects that they should honour the commitment of their religious leaders. If we would not accept each other the beautiful land of GB would be converted the place of hated and hostility. We would request both religious leaders to convene the meeting of relevant mosque leaders to ensure the integrity and peace in the region.

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