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60 000 plants for Gojal valley, DFO


Gilgit, May 2: The district forest officer of Gilgit, Mr Ghulam Muhammad, has said that sixty thousand new plants will be planted in Gojal teshil, during the year 2009. He said that  his departmet is experimenting with new varieties of plants in the region. He was talking to a group of young activists from Gojal, including Aziz Muhammad, Saleem Haider and Ghulam Nasir.

It is pertinent to note here that the DFO has played an important role in establishment of conservancies in Gojal valley. His work has been highly appreciated by public circles.

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  1. This is a good news that DFO asked our youngs about 60000 palants but the main thing notification of gulmit ,passu hussaini is sittle not singed by DOF i would request the youngs that work at this

  2. sixty thousand new plants will be planted in Gojal teshi.
    where is that plants?

  3. Its really a good intervention, it will add more colours in the beauty of the area. Appriciatable


  4. We appreciate the participation of youth of Gojal in development of each and every sector ………

  5. Plantation is necessary for us because trees make environment healthy. We get fresh air through these tree only, If there are no trees there would be no life, surely sulte to those leader who make the world beautiful,So Congratulations to Mr. Ghulam Muhammad and thanks to all Team who makes the healthy activis in Gojal, fantastic achievement.God Bless Them!


  6. Planting the plant is just a single positve stepp towards the environmental protection of Gojal. the most important element is to nurture these plants with due care till it stegnthen its roots. very kind of the DFO for his attention in Gojal as well but a follow up plan if not put in place in collboration with the local community to take care of these young plant at least in the next two to three years , i dnt think the desired result can be produced out of this plantaion compagn.


  7. the work these guys are doing is appriciable,but the should try to distrebute the plants wid out any preference.

  8. Wonderfullllllllll…. this is fantastic job and very encouraging because in these days the world is facing global warming and this kind of efforts can reduce these problems.

  9. Nice jesture towards the beauty of Hunza thanks to the initiaters and to the doners

  10. Nice it is great effort toward Gojal by DFO Gilgit, it will may cause
    the buety of Gojal, and will also good Enviroument there, as planting is necasasery to keep the world from Globel Warming.

    Safdar Ali Shah
    University of Karachi

  11. With due appologise, I personally didn’t agree with the statement of DFO Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, that the department has done lot plantation in Gojal District.
    The department has only one nursery in village Passu and in collaboration with the KVO only 500 to 1000 plantations they have done in DHIE.(KHUNJARAV)
    Remaining all plantation in Gojal Area has been done by VOs and WVOs of AKRSP right from the then GM Mr. SHOUB SULTAN KHAN. Here, I am quating the fig of plantation of a single village MOORKHOUN, as physical counted by us in year 2002 was 80,000/- Physical can chack to day with theVO of Moorkhoun.
    The Department staff on some places with in the area of NATIONAL PARK cutted existing plantations done by the seasonal pasture community-i.e. near BAARGHUN and TOOQROOQEEN( Name of places) that, I personall saw and I shared with the staff the effects but observed them not ready to listen.
    I request to DFO to arrange an intensive training of the staff and personal awareness will be a key for success.

  12. Boys i ll be happy when the work is done on grounds not in papers please.
    Good luck

  13. Dear editor we need leading people those who actually work and guide the society. we need to work for the betterment of the society by empowering true patriote

  14. If its b cm true. it s a very good work but…………………tillllll nw there s nathing………….

  15. Aziz Mohmad,Saleem and Nasir bahi please dont relay on just Shahbaz Khan do your self . Plz you all are energetic dont wast your self

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