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Mirza Hussain, MNALA, joins hands with district councilor, Shehbaz Khan, to fund repairing of water channel in parts of Gojal valley

Mirza Hussain, Advisor NALA
Mirza Hussain, Advisor NALA

by Ghulam Nasir

Gilgit, April 10: Mirza Hussain, advisor NALA for planning and finance, and Shehbaz Khan, Gojal’s elected representative in district council Gilgit, have joined hands for construction and repairing of  water channels in three villages of Gojal Tehsil. The water channels will be repaired through Dera Program funds.

According to tenders issued in local newspapers two projects in Chipursan valley will be getting 270,000. In Shishkat 350,000 have been reserved for repair and maintanance of water channels. 540,000 rupees have been marked for similar projects in Gulmit.

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  1. RAJA SHAHBAZ KHAN, a “well known politicianr” and a leader of Gojal youth” could taste a lolly pop from Mr Mirza Hussain . Is a part of his election compaign for the up-coming election? Change have to become now like other part of the world. Both Rajas should me down turn now for the sake of the people of Hunza Gojal. RAJA (small) is screwd now. Enough is enough

  2. Mr Shahbaz forget this now its quite enough u have done in the past no more please i would request from the new genration to come up and make salution for this other wise RAJAS are dheat to do so…

  3. Funny story ….. In my opinion, we all think over it to give chance to some new enthusiastic and young talent for the upcoming Elections, because we knew about all the previous representatives of the people and all were dumb, they work for them, they made their selves wealthy and rich, I hope that some new individual representative should think ourselves and our land first then for himself.



  4. 1.16 million rupees for Gojal by an elected NALA member from Nagar what a good effort by Shahbaz Khan we should appreciate him for 1.16 more for Gojal ………

  5. We will highly appreciate when our repesentatives utilisd the local development funds properly rather deceiving from the funds of the Nagar NALA members.

    By the way, DERA is a totally seprate package having nothing to do with special package of Mirza Hussain from its own fund.

    I really apppreciate Ghulam Nasir for untirely highlighting the role of Shahbaz for our development. Keep it up.

  6. @RUZDOR

    you have mentioned in a MACRO numbers (1.116millions), how a big amount it is? Ruzdor it is in rupees not in dollars. quite surprising, why begging from Mirza Hussain? Is our so called “Mir” is workless. The card shown by SHAHBAZ to make ppl fool. I think he is fogetting now every one in Gojal risning, Change has been started now…. keep it up

  7. The golden principle is – ‘one can hoodwink, some of the people for sometime; but cannot befool, most of the people all the time’. Gone are the days, when reverse of this generally accepted rule used to be a routine matter in our dreamland, in the good old days. Things have now changed for the better.

    Mr Mirza Hussain would be better advised to closely monitor utilization of his financial contributions channeled through Shehbaz Khan; outcome of such ventures in the past, have resulted into total failure. Intentions of Mr Hussain may be gracious and genuine, but the method to implement them is definitely not based on sound judgment.

  8. What a pity !! Shahbaz is trusted for the venture. I dont see a sign of proper development coming along with Shahbaz been trusted. In the past he has been a dishonest, rude and a bankrupt person, i.e Sost dry port embezzelment and changing parties… I would like to mention that he has never been committed to work for the development of poor people. Actually he has been finding people with intrests. I disagree and predict failure in advance!!

    Hunza Lover

  9. 1.16 million means 1.16 million rebuilding trusts of the people. first Mr. Shabaz pay off your loan of 5 million od SDP than talk about the development of Gojal. In coming October there is an election and now you are trying to get sympathy from the community. Your time is over and try to fool us, we are in sense.
    The supporting elements need to stand on their feets without Shabaz and prove themselves that they can do better without Shabaz.
    There is no real excellence in this world which can be separeted from right living.
    Bye forever Mr. Shabaz from Gojals politics.

  10. Mr Shabaz , I think that you and your supporting elements are doing well !.Go first to national bank and pay off your loan which has been drawn on the name of sust port.
    1.16 million is a fake statement for me , go to some other door and rebuild your political career.Now your not in sense i think so.

  11. That is good Mr.Shahbaz Khan you yourself has bring it in our notice that you are always reciving a huge amount for Gojal from all the members of Nothern Area members. Form Deera Prog. You receive Rupees 1,160,000/- in just one year .It shows you had already got more than 10,000,000/- during your 10 year as member District Council. So the youth of Gojal should awake and come forward ….plz…..


  13. The environment in which u live effects the activities you perform.
    The blood of pakistani politics runs in the body of Mr Shabaz khan.

  14. We all need to think of the projects remained incomplete, as Mr. Shehbaz had to utilize the funds for constructing his own Hotel. Now if Mr. Mira Hussain is really giving him funds (which i doubt??) lets not oppose that. Lets put hands together, and count each and every penny that comes from Mirza Hussain to Shehbaz, till the remaining works on different projects are completed.


  15. u worked alot for the youth of gojal as v all r aware of that nd will hopefully work n future…………so b patient nd carry on……

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