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Gojal Students’ Federation formed in rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: On 12th April 2009, the youth and students of Gojal established Gojal Student Federation (GSF) to work for the betterment of youth and students of Gojal in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. 

In a gathering held on 12th April 2009 many ideas and objectives were shared and discussed by the members of the federation. The main objectives of the federation are, to fight against drugs and other socially unacceptable habits and, thus, to promote holistic education. The organization also aims to build trust among people of Gojal and give them opportunities in various sectors of social life. It was also resolved during the gathering that member of the federation will not indugle in politics within the organziation. 

The federation aims to  collect and convey information about admissions at Colleges and Universities, through media cell of the federation. 

 The new cabinet is as follow: President Mr Shahid Hasrat (Ghulkin) Vice President Mr Masood Muntazir (Gulmit) Seceratory Mr Hameed Rozdar (Shishkat) Joint Sec Mr Karim Ahmad (Khyber) Media Cell Incharge Mr Tariq Mahmood (Passu) Finance Sec Mr Ahmad Ali Shah (Gulmit) Books Collection Wing Mr Mohd Saeed (Hussaini) Finance Joint Sec Mr Mehmood Ashraf (Ghulkin) Audit Committee Inc Mr Asif Karim (Chuporson) Sports Committee Inc Mr Didar Sabir (Khyber) Sports Committee Sec Mr Tariq Mahmood (Hussaini) Social Wing Inc Mr Zaheer Abass Mathour (Ghulkin)

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  1. I Cong new cabinet and founding members of GSA. I believe we will find this association a help full to resolve the issues of student belongs to Gojal and consistent organization of Gojal. I ll appreciate if the cabinet must have at least one member from all villages. This will helpful for coordination with all youth of Gojal in Rawalpindi / Islamabad.



  2. congratulation to all the newly nominated members,well we are experiencing a lot of organization within our small community, that’s a positive sign which shows enthusiastic and passion of our youth to represent us in the populous and more intricated society, and to comprehend the students problems, but as usual in long term unfortunately we cant achieve the organization objectives and goals at last it perished like a snow.

  3. OUTSTANDING………………………………………

  4. Try to integrate in the mainstream organisation instead of isolating yourself…….i don’t think so you could be at better position to participate in the mainstream politics or welfare organisation through village based welfare and drama politics. Just break the three bricks cave and integrate into regional and national politics…….


  5. I really appreciate Kiran’s candid observation. What do the organizers of GSF have to say in defense of their move to form GSF?


  6. We have been dividing ourselves into villages, cast, clan etc. and accept as true that our youth is more interested to be recognized by village, cast, etc. and having indirect rivalry. So I would totally agree with kiran.


    Malang Jon

  7. Congrates to all the new members of GSF. Wish you people will try your level best in serving the organization for achieving its goals and objectives.

  8. I appreciate the zealous youth who want to contribute in the social welfare of our community in general & students in particular. However, I think there is already such a body present in Islamabad/Rawalpindi in the name of Gojal Educational & Cultural Association (GECA) under the patronage of our seniors, and, I am sure it is aimed at students’ welfare as well. Like most of my brothers & sisters, I want to know what was the unique idea behind creating a sister organization/association; why not to strengthen GECA instead; what sort of relationship will be between the two associations, if any…….

  9. Congratulation on initiating a new forum for the students of Gojal in Rawalpindi, which is a tremendous effort of our students.

    i have some concerns that I want to know from the New Committee:

    First, I am wondering that, why there is still gender gap? His Highness gave us a bullet example of “Molvism” What is his vision for an educated community and what he expects from us???
    Why the leaders(council members & Stakeholders from Gojal region) who are Pindi and Islamabad based, are not in picture of such programs and forums???

    Second, How will you work in team for Gojal, if most of the students (committee members) are from the same village? There are more than 17 villages in Gojal. why you are not hearing from students of all villages. and I am confident that there are more female students in Rawalpindi area who perform better than male students? why you are not counting there leadership?

    Looking forward to hearing from the New forum members and all readers.

    Good Luck
    Shamim Ali

  10. i hear about GSF and i am very happy. i think you all gays will coperat with each other and improve it. students of abbattabad will coperat with you.

  11. Congratulations Guys…..
    i m very happy hearing this news. i will corprate with u. any financial support or moral support u need i will corprate.
    Amir Ahmad Jan

  12. Good effort to initiate such a pluralistic orgnization. Every person know that in cities our youth faces innumerious problems. It is a plateform to share problems: thats individual or collective.
    I congratulate all the office berriers.

    Gohar Shah
    GC University

  13. Ya, why isn’t there any members from other villages such as Murkhoon, Kamaris, Shimshal, etc..
    You guys should choose members from each Villages

    FL. USA

  14. the youths of the region are now well aware of current stiff condition and greatly taking part to lift and accelarte retard education system and want it to be developed and progressive ,this GSF is one of the sign to me.Besid that
    i don’t understand how many federations ,associations,or forums we need in Gojal??? why we want tiny groups of like minded people,why don’t we put an aggessive efforts to stregnthen the organizations previously formed and which are operational for many years, why don’t we involve ourself in better management of these organizations,such as Gojal Education and Culture Association in Islamabad ,RWP and many in other cities! i still wonder how we consider ourselves educated if we divide ourselves within one small boundry and have been weakening ourselves by spliting in small groups. NASA,GISAK and GECA! couples of month Back DYM ,why ? why not a PARENT ORGANIZAITON.then the sub branchs in different cities supervised by the parent organization .why we don’t encourage an organization previously functioning and make them a class organization free of gender difference ,class and villages.
    i appreciate the commencement of GSF but for me there has been a larger initiative. before forming this orgnaization , dear collegues should have consulted the office of GECA.
    My humble suggestion would be a strong GECA not tiny federations …

  15. Congratulation on initiating a new forum for the students of Gojal in Rawalpindi, which is a good effort of our students
    First, why gender gap?
    Second, How will you work in team for Gojal, if most of the students (committee members) are from the same village? There are more than 20 villages in Gojal. why you are not hearing from students of all villages. and here arefemale students in Rawalpindi area who perform better than male students? why you are not counting there leadership?
    Farzana Shah

  16. Establishing an organisation is easier than maintaining and getting the effective result from it. Already we have GECA in islamabad and Rawalpindi region under the patrange of the seniors from Gojal. I myself read its by laws and objectives where students from gojal are the main focus of this organisation.
    Now , what is the need to create this sister organisation istead of strengthening the existing organisation .any unque idea which should show its importance and need to create it. It does not matter what name you have given to an organisation but it realy matter how the organisation is performing.
    It would be my humble request to the youth s that they should at least consult the seniors from Gojal those who are in the cabinet of GECA before taking such decision. The mushroom number of organisation is not our strength rather it will divide our unity and lead us disaster .
    Third you are using the name of Gojal but selecting all the portifilo from one village and there is no single female portifilo . Clearly reflects the brain behind this organisation. So it would be better to roll back this decision and strat working on the existing plateform of GECA.


  17. Dear responsible person,

    you must have choice member from each village in the cabinate
    why two from Gulmit & Gulkin and no any member From other village, if there will no equal member from each village then i think r you are not right, and your Student Federation will not work more, & such Student Federation is not Sucess, i looks just Federation of some village not all of Gojal, you must have to think befor doing any Federation.

    Safdar Budlay
    University of Karachi

  18. Why don’t we strengthen GISAK, just changing the Alphabet “K” into “I”, as we have already got a registered and very successful organization, and in the past gained enough reputation, the founders of that organization are today very successful in their practical life as well, nowadays we have been established associations in bulk, of every village, further we will start establishing by Mohallahs etc, that is widening the gape between our youth. So better work on which already exists.


    Malang jon

  19. It’s not accptable becoz if u see the past The some villager’s are only the owner of (GSF) so stope the rabish Think tankers.otherwise it gives the details who were build there’s family members only if i am wrong the the all youth should debate on it then the reall truth will come out.So Dont use the Gojal name if you selflish people arevery hunger the use your own village name.

    Gojal lover

  20. …its hilarious….ahahahahah.
    For everyones informations….i know all of these kids very well and what they are doing in RWP. its hilarious to know that these kids are going to work on such broad issues. Recently such an organization was established by the name of GECA and i heard that some seniors are also working in GECA but still we dontknow about its future coz we have still doubt about its existance. know a new body GSF. i have even doubt about its nomanclature …Federation? i dont know who has suggestd this. know ,can any of GSF member tell us and make clear the following points
    1. .are they aware of the position and condition they themselves are living in RWP?
    2. what about their academic progress and in which institutions they are studying?
    Given this, how they are going to work on the serioud issues like education .
    Its seems to me joke of the 21st century
    Lastly, this is a free society and every individul is free to act think about the betterment of their societies but remember that they are also accountable to society for their actions.
    every freedom has some limitations and basic laid down conditions which no one should voilate and one thing more Big ideas are not enough, it must be followed by concrete action.
    Societies can progress and can be developed if firstly every individual try to improve and make positive change within themselves first.
    so my advise to them is first consontrate on your own education and then think about to bring changes on a large scale.

    Thashakuri Zioth

  21. Dear the youth of Rawal Pindi

    GECA is formed to address the educational and cultural problem of the youth specially living in twin cites and surrounding. Our seniors residing in twin cities are willing to helps us out to solve our problems. And they are useing their experience, expertise and linkages to help students. All the efforts of GECA are for youth. I think our youth needs to understand the objectives of GECA. Before taking any decision.

    In the presence of GECA and it s Performance in the short span of time I don’t think we need any other plat form with the same mandate and objective, to form new platform will only divide us and make us weak to fight our common goals

    At last I would request these youth to come and join GECA by taking part in the coming election and become the agent of change. Only criticism will not help, GECA also need your helping hands.


    Yaqub Ali

  22. Dear Readers,

    I would full Agree with Red Revolution and some how with Mirza Ali and Ali member.

    It’s a group of fools, emotional guys and intolerant.
    May I ask all of you that what are your achievements in the fields of education, sports and religion? Its Nothing zero by zero.
    We all know you very well plus I will request the readers to study the background of their office bearers in detail, each one is exposed due to their hectic and traditional thoughts.

    All these students even do not even get respect and confidence from their parents and relatives, who are these guys to form such federations to facilitate and change others, please change yourself first and then move towards ahead.

    I am very much optimistic that all these guys will be dispersed in a few days when their intentions and actions are reported to their parents and relatives plus none of these guys are supposed to stay here in the long run.

    Didar Ali Khan

  23. hello ravilians congratulates………………………..
    i was very happy when i heared about ur federation….. i will totally disagree with all those peoples who are against the federation because they have got the strength to run the federation thats y they have taken the initiative…….. these are the students who will have to lead our gojal………..i red some comments before posting my own like our bro didar ali said its a group of fools….. dear listners let me tell u that these types of words can really damage our society……. we will have to encourage the students…..
    sadar kareem

  24. Assalam-o-Alikum
    First i want to thanks all of u on behalf of the cabinet as well as members of Gojal Students Federation that you shared your different views about this new federation. This federation is build by the students of Gojal living in Rawalpindi….
    i agree with all those comments who are against us.. but i want to tell u that this cabinet is formed for students and a student can understand the problem of a student in a better way. i also agree that we don’t have experience but Inshallah we will prove ourself. I want to tell that we don’t want a gap of Male and Female students but we want to work together and we well come all the Female members in this federation.
    Later some people have objection on why a new plattform???
    i want to answer that plz answer us my question that tell us a single name of a organization which worked for the betterment of our Land GOJAL…????

    we have aimed of giving our full attentions to the students because we are the future of Gojal and we can work better then the old organizations.

    one has wrote that we will disappear in few days…
    i want to tell him that we will not disappear that much soon. as i wrote that this federation is new and every thing need time and don’t worry, we will be in the heart of Gojal till the end….

    And we are not doing a bad thing that we should hide from our parents about this federation. i think all of our parent knows about this federation and if we are doing bad then tell us what is wrong in us????

    we have selected different students from different villages and we want to tell that its not a political platform. there is no difference in gulmit and kamaris. these are both same but named different. and Inshallah we will try to include students from other villages too.

    For Mr Didar on this comment
    ” It’s a group of fools, emotional guys and intolerant. ”
    sir we want to ask who is fool?
    who is emotional???
    who is intolerant???
    sir dont mind but we all are student and we all are matured, we know what is bad and what is good. but if u think we well come u to contact us free and tell us how to agree with this statement.

    thanks alot and for more details contact us on

  25. dear all
    we thank u all to appreciate us but there are still some confusions which must not be there as a member of good society.i request the one who is asking about our positions and colleges ……that we r not up to the mark just because of no any guidance of people like u……who are always against any good initiative…..i must clear all the readers that we are not against any association or federations of gojal and the same is GECA.we respect our elders and we trying to solve those problems which are ignorable for those who are working with GECA and become big problems for the students.we need your support and cooperation.for more information contact our media cell incharge. tariq mehmood(03129704704)

  26. as a member of gsf i want to answer mr red revolution that if he know all of us then how he dont know about the existence of GECA. i just have a question….. sir the great u know all of us and i personaly know you very well. there is written that its not a political platform so dont try to make it. and plz contact me
    i m waiting for u
    03129704704 i will tell u about the rule and regulations as well as what we were and what we are now….
    aap k liye aik sheer hain sir

    gar mast raho apni masti mai, na cheed kisi ki hasti ko
    jo cheedee teri hasti ko jala doo oski basti ko

    hope u will enjoy and will reply me soon

  27. the so-called parliamentarist and plurilist have once again shown their real picture by removing my comment from this page.
    keep going men ,,,,,doing wonderfull
    @ Tariq (Bhai) …keep doing good work men …..i will ask you about this organisation after two yearsss…if survived…
    your language and tapori style says everything about how and what you people are gonna do in future…

  28. hi readers
    well i first appreciate the initiative of our youth.
    i think instead of building our own “ded inch masjid” we should strengthen the existing GECA.
    i wil also request these youths to use this energy and passion for GECA so that we can do much by collective efforts.

  29. dear Gojalis

    all of you show only showbazies

    (LBDO) Look busy do nothing

    Nor in Karchi nor in Pindi nor in Gojal you are doing any thing
    A poet says

    Bay amal dil ho to jazbat say kiya hota hay
    Dharti banjar ho to barsat say kiya hota hay
    hay amal lazmi takeel-e-tamanna k liye
    warna rangeen khayalat say kiya hota hay


  30. i fully agree with the views of Mr. Sharifullah , these Gojaliz know nothing except talking and flaunting. Practically they are Zero.
    they just know one thing and that is LEG POOLING, JEALIOUSLY.
    They dont want any of their fellow gojali doing good efforts and earning applause. If some one is doing good job, they will create hurdles and problems, instead of supporting them.
    Gojalis must shun and shud get rid of this habit. Otherwise, they are the most creative and talented communities in this country.

  31. Great step taken for the betterment of the students who are studying in Rwp/ Isbd, hope the office bearers will come through the expectations of the youth, i congratulate them for their appointment. wish you all success in your feilds.

  32. its the first step of students in rwp and isb
    i appreciate and as a female student i want to tell u that inlude in this federation.
    but u dont go against the geca.
    good job

  33. i knw i usd a tapori lnguage bt v wnt 2 do sumthng so lt us do.
    v r nt agnst geca. we respect dm bcz the r our senrzzz. dont mind bt v vll servive till the end

  34. Readers I am writing to this blog for the first and I am hopeful the moderator will not delete or modify this post.

    Dear All

    I feel very sorry for all the so-called GSF kids. I completely understand their frustration (which might be the result of different failures) and which has lead them to do something like this. I would like the blog readers to know or rather recall the event that I am quoting. Once there was an assassination attempt on the president of the United States “John F. Kennedy” by a woman but he survived. During the interrogation process she responded by saying that “what better way there could possibly be to become famous”. She further explained that nobody ever cared about her, she had nothing else to do, she was herself a FAILURE and she got so frustrated that she thought she would feel better doing this. I am really sorry to say this but it seems to me that young fellas are victims of similar insanity.

    Few weeks back, series of consecutive sad-events came to light which were regarding some boys who created mess out of a tiny thing that could have been tackled properly. I will not get into the details though. BUT I must tell you all that these kids (the so-called GSF members) were all involved behind that awful thingy. So what admissions or educational help are we even talking about (some even expecting)? And what kind of gender-gap are we talking about? What kind of female students’ involvement are people talking about? Should we be motivators of involving our female students with this pretending-to-be-organized group? Should we even be thinking about this disorganized group talking to our female students and who are so disorganized that they are speaking their minds individually here? And who are so careless that a few did not consider the senior audience here and one who even wrote up his number along throwing a threatening statement. Why did people even bother to reply once after a kid even quoted a silly poetry displaying his caliber?

    I don’t really know how GECA is doing BUT GECA was not pillared to be your opponent or competitor. IT is made for the youth. For instance if you were/are really devoted to serving students, you could have asked GECA to give you responsibilities that you wish to be practical about. But FORGET IT GSF!! It is not your job. You are just good at creating problems.
    Everyday several student organizations are emerging in Pakistan. If students feel like creating one, its completely good but GSF, you forget it again!!
    The POINT I am trying to make is that village level or rather community level federations/organizations should not be coming up like that. It creates (IT REALLY DOES) hell of problems among students, villages, tribes and different age-groups etc.
    We are a very tiny community in the upper-hunza. We all need to be along each other and not create differences within ourselves BUT those who are interested in politics or student politics may join credible student federations (for instance Tehrik-e-Insaf, ISF, SAC, PYA) or create other federations BUT keeping aside our community.
    EVERYONE its my humble request that we already ARE (yes we ARE) cracking up. The reason is politics among ourselves, back-biting, wasting our precious time and calories in un-necessary jobs. YES we need an organization BUT what we need first is organizing ourselves. The more stay apart we love each other and the more we (particularly the gojali awam) comes close, there are problems. YES IT is TRUE.

    DEAR PEOPLE, the is a lot of competition, find your NICHE, think about and for yourself. FORGET helping others. DO it on the right time!!
    And THOSE who still feel they should help others do it silently. DON’T PROMOTE YOURSELVES.
    GROW UP MOTIVATORS and Congratulators!! Don’t create differences between students and seniors or rather within students.
    Don’t WASTE your TIME GSF. There is no room for you.
    I APPRECIATE their comments: Kiran, Malang jon, Ali Member, Mirza Ali, Masood, Amin Salman, SAINY, Yaqub Ali, Didar ali Khan
    (pardon me for not using titles, I am not familiar with anyone here)

    topsy krett

  35. yam to all..

    congratulation guys……..
    being a student of rwp.. i appreciate this step. but wht about GECA?

  36. Mr. well wisher thanks for entertaining the youth……….if u know so much about GSF then why you not mentioning your name….. ??? and wt sort of work u r doing for the betterment of gojal…. ??? and sir plz keep one thing in ur mind that v have taken the initiative nd will carry on it till the end……..INSHALLAH…. u will see……..
    with regards,
    gojali babu

  37. Dear readers of PT,
    This is something which needs the attention of the notables, dignitaires and intellectuals of the region.
    We have been trying to establish federations, associations and organizations but all have proved to indicate red signals. There are certain things which trigger our minds to formulate something without envisioning the time ahead and the certain demands that need our due attention.
    We just try to formulate something emotionally without looking at the consequences and finally abrogate them at the cost of nothing.
    This is quite unfortunate that we take steps without bothering and thinking for a while about their prospects.These kind of initiatives lead to nothing rather orgies of hatred and aggression and finally ambiduities in the minds which move deeper in the cerebrum and become persistent for prolonged time.
    I think we are not in a position to take solid steps without the assistance and guidence of our seniors and elders.

    We all under the supervision of our seiors should try to explore our talents and express ourselves for the betterment of ourselves and our entire society.

    We have alot of challanges coming our way and the only thing is to get together as to show our strengh through knowledge and intellect. The time has passed when the elders took pride of their physical strength and the time demands the intellectual strengh to be enhanced for a good cause.


    Aslam Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

    In most of the cases

  38. NO thing 2 say just see the members they all are Educated and i think they will Change the Ununity between our Guys,,,,!!!! Great job guyz… keep it up…!!!
    GSF Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..!!!!

  39. Nice and a big step. I wish the organization luck. I hope the members will give full commitment to it and lead our fellow students on the right track.

  40. yam to all
    being a member of the GSF its my reponsibility to make every confusion clear for those guys who have given their coments. it was my wish that there should be a platform in pindi and islamabad for the student of gojal whr they will share their problem reguarding social and economic issues n at last by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY we acchived that n now v have beacome more n more responsible in our duties.
    though GECA is there but the active members in GECA have their own jobs n duties n they have not enough time to adress minor issues which v students face these days. actualy we wana work at grassroot level nt at that level at where GECA is standing. the members of GECA dont know about the minor issues which v r facing. though they have remained student n have faced problems but with the passage of time things get changed n issues do not remain the same as they where b4. so plz understand us n coopreate vid us. v need your ideas rather than your criticism.though critism is our strength but dont be a linguisher. avoid doing this cuze in the past v have failed due to this rubbish thing.
    we have got members from almost every village but the cabinet consist of some social active persons. we have reserved position for our sisters as well who r living in the twin cities but this is just the beguning,v wil fil that positions in the near future. inshallah, you have disscused about our characters, attitude behaviour n educational background. i thing so no one is perfect or all in all in this world rather than ALLAH ALMIGHTY n THE SUPREME N DIVINE AUTHORITIES. v have to see ourselves that what am i? n what m i 2 b? it is easy to blame someone rather than yourself. it is a great saying in our language( khu pertha rimash koi disht) so b gud in yourself n keep encouraging people who wana dedicate their time for the betterment of a society. plz avoid discouraging. v are vid GECA n GECA is our.
    inshallah GSF will prove its self n will achive its targets by actions not words.

  41. hello
    if you are going to establish GSF you should have to do better things for all youths of Gojal but in yours cobinet there are few peoples who belongs from the specific village.there are not a single member from Shimshal.How could you say this is GSF without the ignorence of some villages.we were not in fevour of and we hardly rejacted GSF.

  42. congrats these guys on this jobs.
    guys dont wory and prove urself. do ur best and show ur best.
    gud work

  43. Dear All gojal Student Federation

    The initiative you have taken is to fight against the odds which is really a forward step toward social stability and cultural Perseverance . The establishment of this valuable entity is to promote education and creating awareness among the youth of gojal about the important opportunities which are coming and passing. From My point of view it is a good platefrom for the youngsters who want to surve the community, It ill also flourish good leadership for the gojal as well.
    I am not against any institution which has been created for betterment and I also request from all Gojal brothers and sisters please don’t point out their qualification or profession because they are now in learning process and I hope they will perform well in GSF as well as in their studies.
    I want to draw your attention towards life story of 16th president of USA….

    Abraaham Lincoln on Success and Failure

    “My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Failure can either break us or make us. Those broken by failure are haunted by unpleasant memories. These memories are like shadows that lurk in front, behind, beside, beneath and above. It is also a cage that traps the mind, preventing it to entertain possibilities of freedom and success. They are convinced that they cannot do it; therefore, they will not try.

    For those that failure could not break are those who became made “men.” Failure to them is not a ghost, but a friend who taught them well. It is also a stepping stone to wisdom. These men and women are convinced that true failure only happens when one gives up.

    History has been kind to President Abraham Lincoln. He has been painted as probably the greatest president of the United States of America. It is the good thing that history also recorded his failures. It reflected his frail humanity but also showed his attitude of never giving up.

    These failures could not stop him, he kept moving forward. The following is a short list of his ups and downs and ups.

    *1831 – Failed in business
    1832 – Defeated for legislature
    1833 – Again failed in business
    1834 – Elected to legislature
    1835 – Sweetheart died
    1836 – Had a nervous breakdown
    1838 – Defeated for speaker
    1840 – Defeated for elector
    1843 – Defeated for Congress
    1846 – Elected for Congress
    1848 – Defeated for Congress
    1855 – Defeated for Senate
    1856 – Defeated for Vice-President
    1858 – Defeated for Senate

    He was defeated more times than he won, but that did not mean he was a failure. Remember, that failures are only permanent if we stop trying. I believe the only real failure is the failure not to move on.


    the only way
    to deal with failure
    is to learn from it
    and move on


    Brix, a friend of mine, narrated his adventure in climbing Pico de Loro, a mountain that spans parts of Cavite and Batangas, Philippines. He said that he was exhausted and was about to give up. He told the guide that he wanted to go down. But the guide said that he was only a few more steps from the peak.

    What a waste of effort if he gave up. But his efforts were rewarded by the view and by the lesson. Now he can’t stop talking about the experience.

    A breakthrough may just be a few steps away. What a pity for those of us who would stop moving on. As far as I am concerned, the only way to deal with failure is to learn from it and move on.

    The end result for Mr. Lincoln was that he became president and through his influence, was able to defend the constitution by winning the civil war, and was able to free slaves in certain states through the Emancipation Proclamation.

    He even tried to give voting rights to the African-American people for which he was assassinated. He has been long gone yet he is remembered dearly by all who read about his story. His very name is a legacy of success!

    So do as the president did in his life journey .

    I know that it is a time consuming , but it will prove to be bes for the finger pointers!

    Firdous Karim
    Life is Meaningful when You explore it.

  44. Its really appreciable to hear this news.. the students in Rwp/Isbd have confidence in their own and may allah grant success in their mission.. as it is the need of time to make federations for the students in down, to cope with the difficulties which they are facing..
    According to my experience studying in KIU, its really hard to adjust with the life in the university, as we have misperceptions about the federations and due to these mis perceptions we are unable to form any kind of federations for the students… as the situation in KIU is changing over time to time , the students are joining different Organizations and there is always clashes among themselves, so due to this divided strength no one has the ability to form any kind of organization, specially for the gojal students. all these are just due to making making themselves popular individually in front of other communities…
    i would like to ask a question from the female students of KIU and in Gilgit city, what they are facing nowadays and what they are going to do in future??? are they going to make fun of our society? do they lack respect of elders? if they have so many problems why cant they come to us and disscuss those problems with gojal students, instead they are always going to make fun of us.
    at last i would request the members of GECA and the office bearers to share their experience through this site, from what so ever they come through..
    wish u all the best GECA.

  45. Hi,

    My comments concern about GSF because of bias or trait kind of organization established in the name of all gojal students. It is not appriciatable becouse organization is established with acceptional ideas of all village students for thiere specific purpose. but you some of students take lateral decision to estalished the organization. because without inform of the every village student organization seprately. it is not a good step toward the success so we are totally discauraged GSF. so you can change the name of (GSG) bec we have not accepted this name.

  46. Dear All
    It is a good news that our youth are working for the vanishment of social issues. Although I joted down one comment but lack of democracy they have not published.

    So , Good Luck For GSF

  47. dear youth
    v will add members from every village to our cabinate v promise nd r trying our best for that, v have discussed with every student of Rawalpindi and Islamabad about this federation.

  48. Its really appreciable to hear this news.. the students in Rwp/Isbd have confidence in their own and may allah grant success in their mission.. as it is the need of time to make federations for the students in down, to cope with the difficulties which they are facing..
    According to my experience studying in KIU, its really hard to adjust with the life in the university, as we have misperceptions about the federations and due to these mis perceptions we are unable to form any kind of federations for the students… as the situation in KIU is changing over time to time , the students are joining different Organizations and there is always clashes among themselves, so due to this divided strength no one has the ability to form any kind of organization, specially for the gojal students. all these are just due to making making themselves popular individually in front of other communities…

    W would like to ask a question from the students of KIU, both male and female, what they are facing nowadays and what they are going to do in future??? are they going to make fun of our society? do they lack respect of elders? if they have so many problems why cant they come to us and disscuss those problems with gojal students, instead they are always going to make fun of us.

    at last we would request the members of GECA and the office bearers to share their experience through this site, from what so ever they come through..
    wish u all the best GECA.
    Tariqbaig & amin saif

  49. another landmark our we Gojalies who increasingly becoming introvert. With the increase in literacy we are becoming inward looking people instead of expanding our horizons. Gojal Students Federation is a small step by some Gojali students but a giant leap in the introwardness of Gojal. Bravo to founders of inward enlightenment movement of this federation.

  50. YAM All there,
    its great indeed that such platform has been established there at rawalpindi to serve the students of gojal there at that much main city rawalpindi. really m very much thankful to all those guys who have started this one. thanks all there again

  51. Hi there
    I don’t believe that all you out there are so mad to support these students. that is the problem with most of you. You dont think people !! And GSF kids i knew i would not get replies from you coz who knows your ill doings better than you yourself.
    I am very surprised to hear appreciating comments from my brother firdaus. Firdaus read my comment once if you have not read it.

    Topsy Krett

  52. yam to all the members of,s really good news for all the students getting education in rwp/isb.wish you best of luck and hope that you people will struggle for the betterment of gojal students.

  53. Dear Members of Gsf
    first of all want to congrats the cabinet and after that i want to tell u ppl that dont get disheart from those comments which are not in your favor. our people will not let u work but dont care for any one. as a student i know what difficulties a student bear, and u guyz have to work for them. there are many problems and we dont have any solutions till today. you guys have to find a way for those. i wish u all the best and i will pray for this federation and will support u morally as well as financially

    i want to put a quote for u guys that
    If u stand for a reason then be prepared to stand
    alone like a tree and if u fall on the ground then fall like
    a seed that grows back to fight again.

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