[poetry] raqs-e-sharar

Raqs-e-Sharar (dance of a spark)
Raqs-e-Sharar (dance of a spark)

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  1. Noor on his way to the Summit. Splendid!

    Tons of best wishes and prayers.

    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  2. So beautiful and impressive on one side PAMIR TIMES appears with such creative work on the other hands why it is polluted with immaturity ,personal biases ,prjudice personal attacks that can be avoided if our youth follow the track MR NOOR is following.

  3. it is not new for me to read the poetry of Mr.noor.i have a long relation and afflication with his poetry since when he was at gilgit.his poetry has been very inspirational for youths like me.he has been so creative since i have met him first time and as i see by the time he is moving towards his apex.he is not only an expert in this field but i see him as multi skilled and talented young man of gojal.i remember his roles as leader for unity of gojal and youth.i hope we will appreciate such talents and provide them better platform to show their talent.
    sher khan rawalpindi

  4. What a nice and deep piece… I hope our youth will take an inspiration from mr. noors poetry.

  5. Excellent Noor. You have written really a good piece of poetry. Keep it up. Even your sublime lines of poetry made this pessimist to appreciate. keep it up. i look forward for such creativity in future from you.

  6. I Tanks from gojal address because I see toddy the Wakhan people picture from Gojal Also thanks from Golgit wakhani Brothers and meeboob Aziz SB Also of the responsibility of to this site I am Abound Euphoria happy Remember Wakhan people pictures to Furnace. Many thanks
    Faizullah from Wakhan Badkhshan

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