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Sino – Pak border opened for trade and traffic

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by Ghulam Nasir

Sost, 01 May: The Khunzh’rav border was opened for traffic and trade, today. A formal opening ceremony was held in the border town of Sost, attended by immigration officials, officials of the Sost custom department and other notables of the region. Member of district council, Shehbaz Khan, had been invited by the immigration department as chief guest.

A group of fifty tourists, including local and foreign nationals, left for Kashghar, inaugrating the season for trade and travel. It is pertinent to note that the border remains closed for half of the year due to snow fall on Khunzh’rav pass and severe cold weather in the entire valley.

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  1. May Allah bring peace and prosperity in Sost Dry Port this year and make our Silk Route Dry Port Trust a trust worthy institution!

  2. The opening of Afiatabad Sost Custom Check post is indeed a good sign for the business community . The Chief Gust ( Gambler Shabaz Khan) finally got the opportunity to represent himself as friend of the area!
    I think it is the duty of the home secretary to open the border.
    It is the subject of the chamber and commerce and not a political worker.
    Finally , I hope will do better as compared to the previous year and Goverment of Pakistan is request to minimize the taxation in order to improve the economy of the local community.

    Firdous Karim

  3. @Ruzdor

    Eerie hopes? quite glad SHAHBAZ KHAN invited by sombody as chief guest, that is little satisfactory for you. LOlz

  4. It inshallah boost local tourism and trade but keep eyes on others who disturb peace of mind and law.

  5. Its quite glade for all of us .
    Hope this year hte business and tourism will boost better this year
    Its is also pleasure that Mr. Shehbaz the member of district council has attended the ceremony.. .
    all the peoples are requested to maintain low and order in the sensitive region, specially the peoples of lower Hunza. and please don’t interfere the local issues of sost specially.

    Munir Uddin Rumi

  6. Finally just the people of hunza to Gojal are approach to addressing controls across their enterprise.So I would like to reminding to Mr.Shahbaz and His team don’t interfere what you thinking just become a part of the local community what they wants, it’s a time of improve the economy of the local community. So i would like to congregate the new cabinet of Sost Dry Port ( keep it up ) it my personal request please
    No matter which path you choose, the important thing is that you take a systematic, long-term approach to compliance. Controls need to be clearly documented and there must be a single owner for each control. That individual needs to be responsible for testing and measuring that control.
    Gojal lover

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