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Skardu airport to be upgraded

The Prime Minister also gave approval for the provision of necessary facilities at the Skardu air strip for making it operational throughout the year including the night‑landing facility.

The Prime Minister regarded this project important for attracting tourists to northern areas for which the cost will be borne from the Prime Minister fund.


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  1. hopefully will increase beauty of Skardu Air Port, one should must visit this pleasant Skardu Air Port

  2. It is a good initiative and hope that it will improve the overall conditions in the region. In addition to this, due consideration should be give to open Pak diplomatic mission in Xingjiang Chinese mission In Gilgit to strengthen bilateral relations manilfolds.

  3. A very positive step. This will greatly help flight operations and faciliate flow of tourists to Baltistan and Gilgt and may be Kashgar- China and to other central Asia countries.


  4. This news is good for us because opportunity and facilities to visitors will arranged and economic prosperity will increase But

    Before making large Air Port the government how to reinstate the trust of security of visitors and local people there.The country is burning from North to South. It crucial time for Pakistan.
    India, Russia , Afghanistan and USA are playing game.
    However you make large but the image and trust upon us is over President of Pakistan.

  5. One thing here to be motioned that foreigners come now a- days due to the peaceful area of North ( Gigit & Baltistan ) not due to the peace of Pakistan.

    All know the image of Pakistan and peace situation.

  6. A positive step to enhance infrastructure which will surely be instrumental to attract more tourists to the heaven of mountains (Baltistan).

    I hope this government has a tourism policy in minds and up gradation of facilities such as roads and airport would certainly help to attract more and more tourists.

    After Swat valley destroyed by the enemies of peace and beauty, the only place where peace loving people may like to visit are Gilgit and Baltistan.

    I am still waiting for the political leadership of Gilgit to wake up and think do we need a bigger and safer airport with modern guiding system with facilities of night landing in this century? Because if they start thinking now it can be materialize in the days of our grand children…………..

    The question is do they really have a vision for the area, as so far there has been no signs other than their personal development, promoting nepotism, corruption.

  7. anything which widen the doors of exchange between people and nation is the sure key of a safer world to discover the beauty of
    such extraordinary place is worse the try srinagar leh kargil skardu
    kashgar osh murghab fayzabad kabul peshawar amritsar calcutta
    kummings lhassa kashgar I tell you this kiknd of itinary will be overbooked for the next two years I”ll claim the first ticket
    remind me of the sixties and people on the road holding the famous bogus passport of the people of the world with even some guys managing nto enter countries deceiveng some amazed borders guards pretty much impressed by the the look of this
    phony document good news the whole thing is having a go
    with skardu the road from gilgit still will hold a thrill with the most incredible bus ride good luck

  8. i think so this is a tremendous effort made by the prime minister for the development of our neglected area.

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