CM assures Gojal delegation of full support for students, promises to visit the calamity hit valley soon

The delegation is in discussion with Mehdi Shah
PT Report

Islamabad, December 22: Syed Mehdi Shah, the Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, has assured a delegation of Gojal’s elders and youth about his support for the students affected due to damming of a river in Gojal Valley. 

The Chief Minister also expressed satisfaction over distribution of relief items in Gojal Valley. He lauded the Chinese government for the timely help.

The delegation, which called on the CM here in Islamabad, apprised him of the ongoing difficulties being faced by the people of Gojal Valley. The delegation presented rehabilitation of the affected families as a major challenge and asked the CM to use his position and influence to ensure quicker rehabilitation.

The delegation, led by Mr. Hunar Baig – a seasoned political worker of PPP Hunza – Nagar, expressed dissatisfaction over progress on removal of the river blockade.

The Chief Minister was also informed about cultural ties between the Wakhi – Tajik (Pamiri) people living on both sides of the Pak-China border. The need for projecting the common culture and strengthening people-to-people contacts was emphasized by members of the delegation.

Mehdi Shah extended his all out support for the demands and ideas put forward by the delegation and promised to use his office for betterment of the disaster hit Gojal Valley.

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  1. This is part of a regular photo session going on since January 2010.There is nothing new to come . If it was in the hands of these political leaders why they are helpless for the last one year.Those political activists part of the deligation know the outcome very well,but is indeed a role play on their part to try to make someone realize of their suffering.
    Sher Khan Arab

  2. We the Gojalies are really political orphans trusting on such so called and illiterate persons who did nothing just giving false statements. One year passed for this shameful drama and wait & see tactics of these political vultures dragging the whole public into an unbearable situation. It is time to think and come forward with an forceful voice to expose all the culprits who are responsible for the shameful delay and negligence. Please participate in the demonstrations arranged by civil society organizations, across the country to enforce government to expedite work on the spillway by involving Chinese experts if we want to save our homeland. Please raise your voice before it vanishes in deep water.

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