A new ascent

by Mehboob Aziz

Islamabad: Four Afghans, belonging to Wakhan valley, are in France, preparing for the first Afghan ascent on Naushakh (7492 mtrs), the highest peak in Afghanistan.

img_actu3Gurg Ali (from Baba Tangi), Amruddin (from Khunduth), Afiyat Khan and Malang Jon Darya (from Qozideh), Wakhan, are now attending their final training course in one of the top best mountaineering school in France.

These climbers have greatly benefited from the human development initiatives taken by the Aga Khan Development Network – Afghanistan for tourism development, through community mobilization, capacity development of the community and infrastructure development. More information about the planned ascent can be obtained from

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  1. Good luck to Mother land Wakhan
    Be the first to win the world, show the world that we are different, from the rest.

    Best of luck, mountain is high and sea is deep, if will to go!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Wakhan

  2. Definitely it is a very good news for me, as i have spent more then two months with these guys on their firstever tour to pakistan, through Globle Village Treks & Tours company, they got Hotel Management Training in Rawalpindi.

    I remember all the memories and surely will never forget these guys they are so simple, straight forward and most importantly have a passion and eager to learn new things.

    Always praying for your success in future endeavors,

    God Bless all of YOU

    Shahid Ali

  3. best of luck guys and thnks mehboob for sharing the good news and being a wakh its gives me imense plasure….

    Rupani Foundation ECD Program

  4. Thanks Mehboob Bahi to share the new with us and your efforts for this community is highly valued.
    I would like to congratulate you guys for this tremendous opportunity you have got. As your teacher I would like to share few things with you. which I have told you before during your training sessions a year back, that a heavy responsibility lies on your shoulders, when you visit these countries, you act as ambassador of your community and when you came back home. People will expect a lot from you. Remember that all these efforts are to make you people an agent of change and a ray of hope for your community. So enjoy your trip and work hard to achieve your desired goals. Wish you all the best for your efforts

  5. Indeed a great effort. One must engage the youth of Wakhan in such positive and productive activities. Opening such channels will lead the area to attract more and more investment in education, health and rural development in the area. I hope and pray that these four climbers will become a powerful agent of social development in the area. Wish them all the best.

    Washington, DC

  6. Congrats to the Wakixix youth and special thanks for the sponsers to send them in a World totally diffent from Wakhan.
    There is no doubts. u people are the Beacon of light for Wakhan and its people-specially youth. Be an ambassdor of Wakhan and act with in Wakhan and out of Wakhan a true and really follower of the Imam of the Time.
    We all love u people and pray for ur success in material and supritual life. Remember u are folowers of PIR NASER KUSROW the RUBY OF BADAKHSHAN. Prove that, u are from the followers, with patriotic, live, knowledgeable and echo recogniser of the time. Prove to the world that, we are well coming for the diversity, plurilisium and above all we are from caste ,creed sects, religions and we love humanity.
    all in above are hardship, but the end result is very sweet as that was for PIR NASER KHUSROW.
    This is proud for ur parents, family individually for u people and specially Wakhan (PUMIR KURD DU KULAAN).
    My special thanks to all whom bestowed the chance to visit such a reknown institution.
    Thanks Mahboob for such nice infos.

  7. Great to know these …. It is indeed a result of your efforts for this region

  8. Guys congratulations for the pioneer leadership, hope your team will prove it
    Great efforts from you Mehboob

  9. Great to see guys from Wakhan showing some interest and passion in mountineering, I wish all of them a great success for upcoming challenges.


  10. Congratulation for the Wakhan Tigers of Afghanistan for your great ambushes and also thanks to Mehboob bahi for show your efforts to the world and I wishes you for your bright future and success, I hop you will become the first Afghan climbers in Afghan history.

    Keep it up Wakhan Tigers

    With best regard

    Ali aman Gojali and Sher ali
    Dushanbe Tajikistan

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