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Search operation for confiscating illegal weapons launched in parts of Gilgit city

By our correspondent 

Gilgit, May 7: Law enforcers have imposed section 144  in two localities of Gilgit city, Barmas and Kashrote, to facilitate the process of searching and confiscating illegal weapons believed to be held by citizens of both localities. Karakuram University (Konodas) and other parts of the city are , however, under normal conditions.

According to reports received, this move came after a gang of four people, one each belonging to Gulabpur (Ghizar), Gilgit city, Abbotabad and Rawalpindi, were arrested by the NA police.  

The arrested were charged with murder of Syed Asad Zaidi, late deputy speaker of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, and other sectarian killings in the region. It is being said that at least one member of the gang was injured during the fatal attack on deputy speaker and got shelter and medical treatment in a house in one of these two localities. The arrested are believed to be part of a sectarian terrorists’ outfit that wants to destabilize peace in the region. 

Local communities of Kashorte, however, have said that innocent people were randomly arrested by the security agencies, without proof.

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  1. its again a beatiful drama, u know the poor n poweless have to suffer with such things but who cares , the rich will remain in safe zone. EEEEhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is what i think the game of power n moneyyyyyyyyyyy.

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