Low scale GLOFs reported in parts of Gojal

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 Hussaini, May 19: With gradual increase in temperature water level has increased in streams and torrents in lower regions of Gojal valley. There are also reports about glacial lake outburst floods in Hussaini and Passu villages. The amount of water released during these floods, however, is lesser than last year.

GLOF at the KKH, between Ghulkin and Hussaini, had damaged the road, resulting in closure for a few hours. However, the Chinese engineers working at the site paved the road. Similarly, in Passu village a small scale GLOF has increased the level of water but no damaged to property and life has been reported.

Last year glacial lake outbursts at Passu, Hussaini and Ghulkin had caused high scale damage to property.  

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  1. its the third attempt since last year at the same location it need quick consultation becouse we are expecting more water this season becouse of the havy snowfall in the last winter so FOCUS can play an important role becouse the village is also at risk due to the high age of galiser that is very important to consider otherwise the result will be bed i hope all the educated people of the area can play thier role to attrect people and ornizations to come forward and work on that may GOD keep every one in peace and safe…..

    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani Foundation

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