Gilgit - Baltistan

Of “special lines” and electricity bills

by Nur & Farhat

Ansar Abbasi, an investigative reporter of the Jang media group, exposed a scandal related to the subsidized electricity provided to former president General Musharraf. The investigative report revealed that the former president was able to save millions of rupees, by ensuring provision of electricity at the subsidized tariff, customized for Wazairistan region.

People in Gilgit – Baltistan, not the commoners of course, also enjoy such special lines and ‘links’ that helps them save bucks, worth thousands, if not millions. Last year there were reports that Darbar Hotel, a beautifully constructed hotel, owned by Ghazanfar Ali Khan (CE), had not paid electricity bills worth hundreds of thousands of rupees for several months. Similarly, the house of the chief executive also has several special lines, to ensure that darkness doesn’t set in at the ‘new palace’, as his residence is generally known. These special lines had enraged youth last year, who attacked the residence and threw stones, breaking glass wares, protesting against social injustice and unequal treatment.

As the electricity crisis deepens throughout the country and also Gilgit – Baltistan, and as hundreds take to streets in Karachi to protest against power outages, the authorities concerned need to be more vigilant and efficient to avoid such unfortunate incident in our peaceful land.

There is an urgent need to finish all special lines, be those to residences or hotels or guest houses, of bureaucrats, politicians and other influential business figures.

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  1. Noor
    Hats off for bringing such crimes to PT readers comitted by our so called leaders. What else we can expect from these leaders who have been stealing our resources since the first day of their existance as Thamo, as Ayasho, as councilors and as chief executives.
    You have posted a true story of misuse of peoples resources for the benefit of his own. We people should make him accountable and stealing or misusing people’s resources is a big crime which he has been doing so long. This does not stop here and there is a big list like
    Stealing funds from sost dry port, Taking 10 % commission from civil contractors which severelly effected the quality of work, giving contracts to non locals for kick backs.

    Taking kick backs from timber mafia, Transferring or suspending good people specially hunzukuz from different departments like PWD and Forestry etc. Deploying non locals on high positions in Hunza who pay him money.
    He never pay the sewerage bills in addition to the electricity. what a shame for him.
    Farhad Baig

  2. This is unbelievable guys……………… thanks Nur for bringing this investigation report in front of all readers. There is electricity shortage everywhere in Pakistan and I don’t know why this special line practice is still existing. It should be stopped and everyone should pay their utilities according to their usage to make things fair.


  3. A very timely piece of writing. Bravo Nur and Farhat! We, the “ghareeb awam” need the spirit to snatch our rights… rights of equality in every sphere of life. As you mentioned, to ensure that darkness doesn’t set in at the ‘new palace’, the practice is in place from the very innovation of electricity in Hunza. As a poet mentioned ‘Ghar pir ka bijli ke chiraghoon se hai roshan’ you can replace pir to mir and it fits completely here since the practice is decades old.
    Here mentioning UC member Dinar Khan is worthwhile since once he protest in front of the ‘tyrant’, that the CE himself a year back… and all alone, but as usual silenced. We need to back all the voices which raise against inequality… be it political field or ogres of red-tapism and nepotism in government.
    The list of ‘special beneficiaries’ doesn’t end on Ghazanfar alone. Conduct a survey and you will find an unending list of ‘special lines’ alone in central Hunza…

  4. Gentlemen

    It is not Mr. Ghazafar’s mistake to plunge deep into corruption with his wife and son (known for stealing 50 million rupees from NBP), it is our mitake that we elected him.
    Ghazanfar and his family have developed incorrigible habits of corruption and if we keep him away from assuming any public office and as I can see some good things happening in unforunate Pakistan, it can be hoped that he will be accountable and as I know the abject level of incompetency they have, they will go behind bars or sell their property to pay for all the mis-appropriations. Even his Lahori wife with spicy connections with Pak officials and politicians will not be able to save them.

  5. oh special lines u r in trouble
    mr ghazanfar is the cheif executive he will use his power illegillay not only in special lines he has done it in every field ,
    mr sho boz u also cm in it , because gulmit ma 24 hours ki load shading ha per u have special line and u get 24 hour bigli every day
    dear readers it needs to be brought in ur knowledge that sho boz ke hotel ma sirf special line nai ha balki us ke ghar ma bigli ki connection meter ma connect nai ha . means he doesnt need to pay the bill because the meter is just for show

  6. What a nice debate. Yar Ghazanfar is CE. Govt has provided him this facility. You know a sub engneer from our area. what he done. He and his villagers ware enjoying 24 hours electricity. While Gojal 01 remains in darkness . This is not a big issue. we have to discuss big issues like education. You know 02 Teachers they are drawing pay from Gulmit Girls School but performing their duties at their home station is this not a big loss for the whole area.


  7. i can not understand the frustrating debate of this Saya,,,, he has highlighted some issues from the area but is not ready to make this Ghazani responsible for that…… My dear Saya government has not provided him CE position it is people you made him able to get it…. thus he is fully responsible for all the mishaps from SDPT to other issues you raised

  8. @ Irfan

    You are rigt he is responsible for that, But could you tell us what is our responsibility. Do we have approched him for these issues. Man we have the habbit to blaming each other. ” eik kahawat hai ki jab tak bacha nahi rota hai ma be doohd nahi pilati hai” It is our responsibility to inform our political leaders regarding issues.
    another thing my debates are not frustrating. I always debate neutraly. according to your debate you had started election compagin for some body.

  9. @ Saya

    Yes i am compaigning for someone whom i even do not know but you are compaganing for oneone known to all… I dont object it that is your democratic right.

    Secondly our responsibality is to vote and make accountability…. nothing extra.

    Thirdly no one is blamining all is crystal clear



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