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Mr Qurban Jan not a confirmed candidate for elections 2009

Gilgit, June 14: It has been learnt that Mr Qurban Jan is not a confirmed candidate for the elections 2009, from Hunza valley. Despite of the news and information that reached Pamir Times through sources close to Mr Qurban Jan, he has said that at this stage the news are nothing more than rumors. Qurban Jan has said that he hasn’t made up his mind for contesting elections, yet. However, he has thanked all those who expressed confidence in his leadership or criticized him, through discussions and voting on the Pamir Times Poll.

The heat of elections has started peaking throughout Gilgit – Baltistan, despite of the fact that no election schedule has been announced by the government in this connection. Ghizar is a political boiling pot nowadays, where the nationalists are claiming greater sympathy.

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  1. This is not a good news, Mr.Jan has not even made his mind but how did PT put his names on the news and on the election poles without confirmation, it doesn’t seem to be the professional way, how should we trust all other news items we read on daily basis.
    The volunteers of PT should have made this rumor clear before posting it on this blog, on the other hand one more question arises that how did you get his long profile, was it your own creation (copy paste from his CV) or someone provided it, and if someone provided it to PT, shouldn’t they ask and get the consent of Mr. Jan first?.

    Looking forward for another candidate but a confirmed one this time…..


  2. Dear Chilimindak (sure it is a fake name),

    I hope you have the abilities to read things as they are put on this blog or anywhere else. If so you should have also realize that some names were suggested in an article on PT, it was an opening in this series of election mobilization. I think PT has never said if Mr. Qurban Jan is a confirm candidate rather it was exploring the opportunity as far as the profile of Mr. Qurban Jan is concern what wrong to you see if it is based on an authentic CV.

    Please before pointing figures of suspision are raised you should try to be clear about you own identity. Let the reader know who you are.

    Hidayat Karim,
    A thankful reader to PT for its great contributions of knowledge and information sharing

  3. he should come into politics,he is the best of candidates
    but it is his choice! Good luck

  4. Dear Chilmindak

    The profile of Mr Qurban Jan introduced him to people who wanted to know more about his life and achievements. It certianly wasn’t cut paste from his CV. The introduction was published with permission and consent of one of his family members.

    It is not uncommon for half true news to be published in media. None is an exception to this trend, let that be reuters, BBC, CNN, or, even DAWN, of Pakistan. But still people trust them because if out of 100 news 1 is half true, that shouldn’t mean complete loss of confidence. However, if you don’t want to trust a srouce none or nothing can make you trust.

    The beauty of media is that we didn’t hesitate to post that Mr Jan wasn’t a confirmed candidate. It is how you look at it. Nevertheless, who knows at some point, if Mr Qurban Jan agrees to contest, we would be counted as tthe ones who broke the news. 🙂 Hope that you wouln’t disagree.


  5. Let us have profiles of candidates from other areas, particularly from Ghizer district, which is the most back ward part of Gilgit Baltistan

  6. We tried to back up an individual who is well awared and informed about the tactics of positive change in our society and could have played his role in the development of our place and people but it seems that he doen’t want to take the risk

  7. PT should confirm a news then publish, about Mr Qurban Jan many things pre-announced. This is not a good signs of jounranlism. yellow journalism??? always depends on rumours??

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