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7 years old boy sexually abused and killed in Gilgit city

by Noor

Gilgit, July 21: In a shocking incident the dead body of a seven year old boy was found dumped at a wood works factory, in Gilgit city. On medical examination it was found that the boy had been sexually abused multiple times, before being killed, reportedly by inserting cloth in his mouth. The boy was identified as Basharat.

The heinous crime did not trigger any visible protest in the city, except for some hollow consolatory remarks by officials and political leaders.

The incident has brought to surface the often unreported cases of sexual abuse of young boys in different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. The mainstream media either censors or under reports news related to sexual abuse of boys in the region. A couple of years ago a young student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School – Gilgit, Muslim Khan, had committed suicide by jumping in Hanisara (Gilgit river), when a gang of criminals had tried to sexually abuse him.

Incidents of sexual abuse occur on routine basis in all parts of Gilgit – Baltistan but no serious measures have been taken by any organization to in this regard.

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  1. This absolutely saddens me. Something has to be done to protect our children and leaders of the future. Media has to first accept responsibility to report such cases, and force the local officials and political leaders to address this kind of abuse. We in the international community have to address this and find ways to prevent this. I sincerely hope this is addressed sooner than later

  2. The culprits must be hanged. This is the only justice for those wild animals

  3. I am extreme shocked to hear such saddening news.It is heinuous crime and the perpetrators should be given examplary punishment before the public view.

  4. It’s indeed shocking news for the region… our deep condolences to the family members of the disquiet guy! This has been a dreadful act …. The Criminals must be given punishment.

  5. It is indeed shocking news. these kind of people are not human being. The criminal must be hanged.

  6. realy shocking news, must be hange the culprits. they are not human beings they are wild animals.

  7. Can we do anything else other than just feeling dreadful about what happened with that boy? It feels worse to hear such things, bawl over it, and to feel hampered on realizing that we can’t do anything to curtail such inhumane practices in our society. We have hands, eyes, ears, tongue and a BRAIN but all these things have only contributed to reveal this awful side of society but how can all this be stopped?

  8. this culprist must be punished otherwise they still involve to rape and assault the innocent youth

  9. Realy shocking news, must be hange the culprits. they are not human beings they are wild animals.

  10. yeah! everyone says those must be hung…BUT…who is there to hang such people…WHO…isn’t there any other solution to stop such further occurences…we need to protect our youngers as there is no one to take some action against such people…NO ONE WILL COME TO RESCUE US…WHATEVER IS NEEDED TO BE DONE, WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES…

  11. ohh no realy bad news

    dear editer i request to plz do not give this type of news . i think this type of news are come in like urde newspaper nawae waqt badshuma …..
    so plz

    Patel Para

  12. shamfull act, what is writen in the law for such type of casese i think the person must be hanged publically and give him punishment..

  13. its really a shocking news, the culprits should be brought in to justice..!
    but how…? it needs a compleat investigation. we request our so called political leaders to form a investigation team to identify the is more certain that the monsters behind this heinous crime are not locals but agiain we can’t say anythiing without proper investigation.Thanks PT for bringing this issue.

  14. I want repeat the same words of Dr. Sabit Rahim as my commetns, such elements. they should be hanged publicly

  15. This is a very sad news, wt to do in this country, we all r helpless and cant do any thing to counter such kind of inhuman and horrible crimes bc there is no Justice. We can pray to God for the safety of our young generation.

    May Allah give strength to his family to bear this loss and to take revenge from the culprits Ameeen.

    Dukhi – Gilgit

  16. i m listeent this bad news i m very shocked . i can,t discribe my feeling.these people wild they have no dunya and no akrat. they also not human.they suffer i big trouble in there life and they said y we do that ahhha

  17. i am realy shocked to here the new. who did this voilence just kill them.accoring to me these sout of people are not human and not muslim.

  18. Highly condemnable act of sick -minded beasts. The perpetrators don’t deserve any mercy from the society at large; they need to be dealt with severely by the concerned authorities – publicly hanging could be an option, if allowed under laws of the land.

  19. local govt and NGO,s can play role to handlel such kind of cases. We should take these casses to upper levels and must creat a permnant solution.
    I think through social research we can handle and remove these issue. This is a big challenge of society specially city area socity.

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