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Gilgit: Protesters take IG Gilgit-Baltistan hostage, in reaction to arrest of leaders

Nomal: Video grabs from a clip posted  on facebook shows the IGP being evacuated from Nomal, where he had been made an hostage by angry protesters

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Gilgit, December 2: In a high drama case, the Inspector General of Police Gilgit-Baltistan, Usman Zakariya, was released after being held hostage for around 9 hours by angry protesters today in Nomal  area of district Gilgit. The release was made possible after negotiations with the protesters who had forwarded a four-point demand to the government for acceptance.

The IGP was taken hostage by hundreds of people in Nomal who were protesting against the arrest of Sheikh Nayar Abbas, MWM leader, Faqeer Shah ( leader of the Anjuman-e-Imamia) and Hasan Shah, a resident of Basin (Khari). The police had also arrested Maulana Attaullah Saqib of the Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jammat, while Himayatullah Khan and Maulana Abdullah Haideri had escaped, according to police sources.

Heavy contingents of police were deployed in Nomal to ensure safety of the IGP and his evacuation. However, he was airlifted from Nomal in a helicopter.

The leaders of MWM and ASWJ were, reportedly, arrested under 16-MPO (Maintenance of Public Order) on charges of “illegal sloganeering” in religious and protest gatherings held during the past week.

According to reports, the government had banned raising of certain hateful or controversial slogans during religious gatherings. However, the ban was not taken serious by these leaders and their supporters, which led to their arrest. There are reports that the arrested leaders have been shifted out to the Ghizer district.

Some of the protesters had occupied a power house in the Naltar valley and disconnected electricity supply for the city of around 2 lac people  for the whole day.

5 thoughts on “Gilgit: Protesters take IG Gilgit-Baltistan hostage, in reaction to arrest of leaders

  1. We were greeting all to each other after becoming normal the situations in Gilgit city. All the Govt officials, religious leaders and political leaders appreciated the efforts of all individuals and committees and boards that had played their role in embarking peace in areas. At the same times there are some responsible officials whose mandate is maintaining discipline and law & order situation in certain areas to ensure smooth operations of daily routines. That is why all well wishers of that certain areas fully cooperate with these institutions and officials to ensure peace and harmony in the areas.
    Through news paper we noticed that IGP appreciated and recognized the efforts of various young organizations on playing key role in embarking peace during the Muharam. At the same time the responsible official whether he may be chief secretary or IGP or CM or Governor or speaker and like wise their team as well has to forbade and discourage the individuals who create misunderstanding amongst the communities regardless of cast, colour ,sect and party. If they would not do this will be dishonesty with their position and nation of area.

    If such types of officials who provide us security or working for ensuring peace and harmony or streamlining the systems or planning and working for area development would hurt or discouraged they would loose their interest and consequently area would be suffer adversely as it has already been adversely suffered. But we would expect with the top management that they would continue their struggle for maintaining peace and law and order situation as joint venture and never be dishearten.
    We would expect with top religious leaders Aga Rrahat and Qazi Nisar sab to extend full cooperation with all institutions and officials who are working for the peace in GB.
    At the same time we also expect with these two respected leaders, to sensitize their respective community for playing role in maintaining peace and brotherhood that is true essence of Islam.
    In this time the whole community of GB looks towards management & leadership and you both religious leaders as reformers of the area.

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