The kneeling of Noshaq!!


On July 19th, at 2.30 pm, after a long and difficult ascent, Malang and Amrudin have finally reached the top of the highest peak in Afghanistan. Fulfilling the expectations of their fellow citizens, the two mountaineers have defied the cold and wind of Noshaq in order to carry the national flag. This is a great message of hope for Afghanistan, conveyed by these two young Wakhis who consider themselves Afghans in the first place, above the ethnical and regional differences dividing their country.

We are now back in the valley, where we have been welcomed in a truly exceptional manner by the local population and authorities. We will soon be leaving to Kabul with Malang and Amrudin to continue and celebrate the event in the capital.

We thank you warmly for your inspirational messages of support and congratulation. We also thank our sponsors, wihtout whom this adventure would have never come through.

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  1. A great achievement of the local Afghanis and Wakhis to cheer about thunderously; it will go a long way in the history of Afghanistan and its Wakhi population.
    Congratulations to the four team members; Malang, Afiat Khan, Gurg Ali and Amruddin and to all those who have been responsible, behind the scenes, to make this Landmark project a great success.
    Himmet e mardan madad e Khuda – devine help does come to the brave/ courageous ones! Congratulations once again, you have made your people proud as much as they needed it at this moment; and us too, on this side of the Hindukush …Bravos!!!.

  2. congratulation my dear friends you have done such a wonderful and memorable task, which will definetly open ways of opportunities for the local population.

    always praying for your’s success in future indeavors.

    God bless all wakhi people.

    Shahid ali
    soneri bank limited.

  3. Payom dar Porsi/Forsi

    Dar harakat barakat! Himati kor, quwati yor!

    In masalho ki mo dar zabon e Porsi doreem,faqat masalho nistand, wale bunyod onho dar ozmud monda; wa dar onho donoyi pusheeda wu paywasta hast.

    Yaki az in masalho mahtraam oqo e Mutobiat Shoh ki be nazar-e mon owarda ba in munosibat, kheli khub farmuda ki: “Himat-e mardon, madad-e Khuda”.

    Agar in barodaron mo tasmim na girafta budand, harakat na karda budand, Khudowand-e Azza wa Jalla ham in ro kumad u madad u yori na karda boshad; wa in dustoni mo ba piruzi na raseeda budand.

    Man in duston ro man mi donam dar hangomi ki man be dumbal e pazhuhish ba Wakhon-e Afghoniston rafta budam dar sol 2007. Baroyam, hatman, wa baroy-e hama Pomiryon wa mardumhoy-e kuhiston in ye iftikhor-e buzurg mi boshad.

    Dar in munosibat, az tarfam, wa az tarafi hama Pomiryon u ham-piryona khish lutfan tabrikho-e qalbi-e mon qabul kuneed. Ofaridgor-e mon hama shumo ro niga kunad. In baroy-e barodaron-e digar yek misol hast. Wa khoharon-e mo ham boyad ba dumbal-e kher rawon shawand. Wa dast-e shumo dard na kuna, khoharon mon ham mi tunand korhoy-e chuneen bigarand wa misli barodaron-e khish bashand.

    Bori digar tabrik baro-e hama-e ton wa fomilho-e ton.

    My cordial felicitation to all team members for the success in reaching the sumit of Naw-Shokh (Means “Nine Branches”, but distorted written as Noshaq”)the occassion of this wonderful venture. I know these guys personally when I was in Wakhan in 2007 for the cultural research and documentation for Ecotourism Development. This is a pride for all Pamirians and mountain communities. More ventures would come up before you and you need to be consistent and mild.

    A true lesson we can learn from Mr. Nazir Sabir, the great, who often says that his meditation starts when he begins ascending to the heights. Along with his physical ascension to the peaks, his spiritual ascension also enlightens and guides him towards the height. So, through one action, climbing to the peaks, he gets cumulation of both heights: temporal and spiritual.

    God bless you all once again. I hope that such adventures would be taken positively in a holistic manner and both the phsical and cultural environments would be taken care of.

    Fazal Amin Beg,
    Hunza, Pakistan

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